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>A first time for Hubbie

> Finally we were able to have our double lock installed. Hubbie was so ecstatic he kept on “testing” it.  After a few close open check, he told me “Wow! this is the first time I bought a double lock to secure my own family!” and smiled the biggest smile he could.  He was right […]

>How safe is it to go outside?

>Maybe my destiny to be home alone with Peaches later is a blessing in disguise. I don’t think it’ll be safe to go around later. With careless people throwing firecrackers on the road, possible ear injury from too loud firecrackers, suffocation from smokes  and of course stray bullets!  Whatever happened to firecrackers and gun bans?  […]

>2009 Goals

> Jannesse over at The Wifey Diaries, is totally right. New Year’s resolutions are just putting yourself up for frustrations and shortcomings. So, I too will have a year’s goal instead of a resolution.  1. Change my passport’s name and status. 2. Renew my PRC ID and change name and status. 3. Save more. 4. […]

>Learn from home with Brightstorm

>A great way to start my New Year is to hone my writing skills. I was fortunate enough to know more about this incredible online educational site called, Brightstorm. They offer different courses for High school teens and for anyone who would want to improve and learn more. I am no exemption, so I signed […]

>That Christmas

> It was our internship as medical technologist and we were on duty during the holidays. My friends and I were coming from an all night duty, one Christmas Day and we decided to spend it together. It was the annual Manila Film Fest Parade at Rizal Park so we headed there to star watch. […]

>The day I gave birth is the day after Jesus was born

>My OB told me the baby was getting bigger each day and chances of a normal delivery is slim because I have a small passageway. I wasn’t overdue until the first week of January, but as early as December 18, my OB told us I could be induced. I insisted that we wait some more. […]

>Please take time to read.

>I don’t know if it’s even true but hey a situation like this, I will gladly help. I am with the Dela Paz family as they pray for Justice. Friday, December 26, 2008 The world has gone crazy. So, I just had the worst day of my life. At around 1:30 PM today, at Valley […]

>Peaches Turned 1!

>We had a blast and the guests were happy too! The host/magician I hired turned out to be great and the kids loved him! *as well as the young at heart*. The magician did some balloon twist too and gave each kid a balloon shaped to whatever the first letter of their name was. The […]

>Frantic! Excited! Worried! Rolled in one.

> Today is Peaches’ first birthday and I feel all of those all at the same time. I know things will turn not the way I want it to but I hope NOTHING major BAD will happen. I am also worrried of the weather. The party venue is at a children’s park, (although I have […]

>Tim McGraw’s My Little Girl

> what I got from the mail today!  I was so excited! Months ago I signed up at Thomas Nelson to be a blogger book review and I didn’t think they would really consider me!  This was just in time. Peaches loves to be read and look at pictures so we propped ourselves at her […]

>Mamang’s Death Anniv And Our Christmas

> Yesterday, December 21, was Mamang’s death anniversary. She died of complications from her Diabetes. She was on ICU for over a month when the doctors asked our family to talk and decide over DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). It was a consensus, she was on a DNR. She called all her apos and talked to […]

>Let your kids play THIS!!!

> I actually love the game myself. It’s an online game where your kids can play for free. Their characters are penguins in which they can dress it up and even choose what color their penguin will be.  But hey, this game is perfectly safe. Your kids can only register using YOUR email. And the […]

>My Christmas is getting too Expensive

> Well for one, our daughter’s birthday is a day after Christmas and we’ve spent a good deal on it. I have yet to buy us (hubbie, peaches and me) our christmas outfits. I have yet to buy myself and hubbie our outfit for Peaches’ birthday. I have yet to buy presents.  That’s so much […]

>Goodtimes with the BOobtube

> We don’t own a home theatre but we do enjoy spending our weekends watching great movies at home. We love it so much because we can always relax the way we want to. We can stretch our legs, munch on junkfood, and more importantly concentrate on the film itself sans annoying front,side and back […]

>Peaches’ Tarpaulin on her birthday!


>What is a SAHM?

> SAHM is stay at home mother. And I am one of them. Well, most of you who are close to me already know that. SO, why am I posting this? Am I ranting? Nah.  There’s this person who asked what I do. I told her I am a SAHM. She said life must be […]


> If that’s how you can describe what I feel. I recently found out that my beloved YFC-FEU family has grown as we envisioned it to be. And I was glad, Praise God! But what struck me was, the leaders that took over after us, knew nothing of who we (the founders) are. How we […]


> I’m not done with my christmas shopping. To think that I live a stone’s throw away from a mall. I don’t know what to give to some of my relatives. I don’t want to buy generic gifts like albums, umbrella, and towels! I want something unique and fun!  My husband said (he pays, I […]

>High school Christmas Parteeyyy

> To start let me say that I have been spending my School Christmas Party with almost the same classmates since Kinder 1 upto 4th Year High school. SO, at some point it became boring as our daily routine. There are of course few I can remember that holds great memories. One, is when a […]

>I have been bitten

> No, sadly not by Edward but by Spywares, malwares or a virus? I don’t know what exactly. Avast couldn’t find anything, CC Cleaner couldn’t clean it up for me…I couldn’t use Firefox and Internet Explorer, everytime I open them they go far right of my screen, I couldn’t even view the page (but I […]