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>Hubbie’s new do

>We were eating breakfast and hubbie told me he’ll be out for a couple of hours to have his haircut. T: “magpapa LONDON CUT ako.” Me: “di ko alam anu yung LONDON CUT eh.” T: “yung maigsi dito sa gilid tapos pwedeng tayo tayo ung buhok sa harap.” demonstrating while he speaks. Me: “ahhhh oo […]

>Why tummy time is vital

>I’ve read that tummy time helps strengthen our baby’s head, neck and shoulder (for older babies). What is tummy time? Tummy Time means allowing for your baby to be on his or her stomach while the baby is awake and someone is watching. Why is Tummy Time important? Babies need time on their stomachs to […]

>Peaches is Over weight!

> Yup she is 150gms overweight hehehhe.. She’s had her 5in1 and Rotarix vaccine. It was quite expensive but it’s all for her and we want her to be healthy as she can be. She didn’t have temperature more than 37.8C and I’m thankful for it. She’s really showing she’s a strong girl like Mummy. […]


> I have a friend, Jake, who’s 21. He was involved with Karen,21, who in the other hand has a live-in partner, Mark. One day, Jake came up to me and said, “Ate, buntis daw si Karen. Ako daw ang ama”. My first reaction was,“Ha? sigurado ka? Paano tayo makaksiguro niyan?”. Paano nga ba? Mahal […]

>It hurts!! you know!

>I have an infection on one of my toenails!!!! Don’t know where I got it but it hurts like hell. And all stages of inflammation is present… Inflammation is a response of a tissue to injury, often injury caused by invading parasites. It is characterized by increased blood flow to the tissue causing increased temperature, […]

>Get to know me

>Got this tag from mari… and passing it on to: Chant, Tina, theworkingmom 1. Today I feel very— sick….I have an infection on one of my toes and it hurts like hell. 2. I enjoy — going out with my family. I miss them so much that I wanted to be with them soon.3. I […]

>6 Quirky things about me

>Thanks Chant for the tag! I appreciate it! The rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by […]

>Bragging rights and my Tatay

>My Tatay loved to talk to me online (he’s in US with mommy). This morning, was extra special…he had friends over and brag about Peaches and show them my pics when I was young…It made me go back memory lane… I was once an athlete by a game which my Tatay and I shared and […]

>Art of Relactation

>To my dismay, Peaches weaned earlier than I hoped for. It has been a month or so since I stopped breastfeeding. I had PPD and greatly affected my ability to breastfeed. Also I had no one to ask for proer latch-on advices and relied solely on my “knowledge”, thus I had bad start on latching. […]

>Restless and sad

> We had to bring Peaches to her Grandparents’ home in Ortigas and leave her there overnight because T and I had so much to do the following day and that we don’t want to leave her alone with our helper. It’s this idea that helpers tend to kurot babies when they cry so much […]

>Balance from Last Bill

> Darn that telephone company. We didn’t receive our Statement of Account for the month of January and to date, haven’t receive anything yet. Hubbie called the company and informed them about the missing SOA. The agent confrimed that it was not sent…hay. Hubbie asked how much the bill is…tic tac tic tac… P4,100 Sir, […]

>I Wish to Win an IPOD

> As a noob blogger, I didn’t know that contest like this happens on a BLOG. Truly they share happiness! =_= For so long I wanted to have an IPOD but I always hold myself on buying one because I’d rather use the money on my baby’s needs. Besides, I could do away without one. […]

>On friendship

> Did you ever had a friend who considered you her bestfriend but for you she’s just a friend? Or were you ever that person who had a bestfriend but for her you’re just a friend? I received a letter from a friend. I thought it was the usual hi, hello how are you thing. […]

>Tarps and pics

> I’d like to share the tarpaulin designed by hubbie and his friend. This was the thing I was bitching about him a few days ago. He was always out and was home pretty late.

>Officially but in a haste (but not so)

> It’s official. I’ve posted my resignation as a Guildmaster. It took me weeks before I finally mustered my strength to finally post this. I chose to step down and some how quit playing MU because I’d want to put as much time I have in taking care and playing with Peachypoop. She’s a baby […]

>Valentine Linky Love

> VALENTINE LINKY LOVESPREADING LOVE ALL OVER THE WORLD ‘For God so loVedthe world,That He gAveHis onLyBegottEnSoNThat whosoeverBelieveth In HimShould Not perish,But have Everlastinglife.’ John 3:16 1. Pinay Mommy Online2. Mars3. Homegirl Space4. Rickavieves5. Anna6. Lynn7. Gilbert8. Sheng9. Nancy10. JoyH11. Lalaine12. Utah Mommy13. Catsy🙂14. Retchel’s Pure Life 15. liza16. A Simple Life17. PinayWife Atbp.18. janet19. […]

>So true

> Tag from Joanne Your Five Variable Love Profile Propensity for Monogamy: Your propensity for monogamy is high. You find it easy to be devoted and loyal to one person. And in return, you expect the same from who you love. Any sign of straying, and you’ll end things. Experience Level: Your experience level is […]

>Award ko to neng!

> My very first award given a day after my bday! Yey! Thanks to Anna Awesome!!!


> I was browsing one of the forum I am in and I stumbled upon this post. I wanted to share it to everyone and at the same time help the “topic starter” a chance to SHOUT his testimony. “Ganito un… we’re facing a financial problem… we need a certain amount of money… for bills […]

>My Bday

> Your Birthdate: February 14 You work well with others. That is, you’re good at getting them to do work for you.It’s true that you get by on your charm. But so what? You make people happy!You’re dynamic, clever, and funny. And people like to have you around.But you’re so restless, they better not expect […]