>Peaches is Over weight!


Yup she is 150gms overweight hehehhe..

She’s had her 5in1 and Rotarix vaccine. It was quite expensive but it’s all for her and we want her to be healthy as she can be. She didn’t have temperature more than 37.8C and I’m thankful for it. She’s really showing she’s a strong girl like Mummy.

A few weeks back T and I panicked because Peaches had this pimplike mark on her butt cheek , we asked her pedia about it (tru fone) and we were given a topical antibiotic…When her checkup came…the pedia told us it was the BCG scar!!! hehehehe…

well panicky parents lol…

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  1. >hope ur baby’s is doing fine!:)nku ur ryt mahal nga ang vaccine these days. as in lang ha, 15T?ano ba un,but as parents. anything for our babies.

  2. >honga sis..anything for them..sabe nga ni hubbie kahit makuba na daw siya sa pagtrabaho basta we can provide Peaches the health benefits she deserves.

  3. >that’s sweet renz.:) oo nga naman.bahala na tau,wag lang sila!link kita ha?

  4. >sure sis xchange links tayo..thanks!

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