>Hubbie’s new do

>We were eating breakfast and hubbie told me he’ll be out for a couple of hours to have his haircut.

T: “magpapa LONDON CUT ako.”

Me: “di ko alam anu yung LONDON CUT eh.”

T: “yung maigsi dito sa gilid tapos pwedeng tayo tayo ung buhok sa harap.”

demonstrating while he speaks.

Me: “ahhhh oo bagay ka dun!”

T: “OK!”

big smiles…

And so he left…I was chatting with my Tatay on YM when I heard the door open and shut. So I knew T arrived…I shouted,”Love patingin!”…T enters with a big grin and looked like this>>>

That’s not even close to the LONDON CUT he was demonstrating!!!
I laughed so hard because I was not expecting a KALBO daddy! hahaha.
Even Tatay laughed.
Even our helper laughed.
Even T laughed.
Hayyy….hahahaha..Even now I can’t help but smile!
I dunno maybe it was because of the way he entered and wearing that big grin on his face.
Finally he said, “Bakit? bagay naman eh! hahahahha”…

Me: “Of course bagay!”
T: “kasi dun sa London Cut I looked like a first grader!”
Me: lol

hay…just one of those moments…we really love to laugh. And I liked it about our marriage. It’s not too serious not too heavy to bear.
This is one of those which I thank GOd for.

Happy Leap Year!

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  1. >ehehehe renz, bagay nga! ung akin din, kalbong daddy. ahahaby the way, i have a 2nd site pla. (un na main blog ko)add mo rin ha http://vanniedosa.abomar.net/thanks & happy weekend~

  2. >sure sis! take care..kisses to your baby!!!and hi to another kalbong daddy!

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