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Every night I watch the local news. There’s always this reporter from KAPAMILYA station, who reports in TAGALOG and irritates me. Why? It’s as if he swallows the letter R sounding or wanting to sound like coñotic! Where in fact he should speak tagalog in a “normal” way like Mike Enriquez or Mel Tiangco or Korina Sanchez does. Gets mo?

I’m not a MassCom graduate or whatever but it’s not really nice to hear reporters trying to be coñotic while speaking our language. If he is really SLANG (or with a Thwang) he should have reported in English instead.

Reporter: Julius, mey ne tegpuang bangkey sa apwarrrrtment nang iseng negoshante…blahblah…

Ngarsh…It’s so irritating…Or is it just me plus the humid weather? ……NOT!

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  1. >HAHAHA do u mean a guy reporter who can't seem to pRonouce the letteR R?ahaha pansin ko din yan.:)

  2. >yup he seem to slurrrrr the RRRRRR's. hehhehe

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