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>Love at Cyber-sight…NOT?

> I’ve been playing MU (an online game) since 2003,It’s a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG)where in players like me can interact with a large number ofother players in a virtual world. As any other role-playing games,we assume a “character” we chose among: Blade Knight (male),Dark wizard (male), Muse Elf (female), Magic Gladiator […]

>Move out Sale

> Soon after the cruise we are moving out of Macedaand will say hello to OrtigasSo, we are (well me) trying to sell some of our items from our old home.Things like:platesspoon and forksbowlsserving platesbeer mugs (the ones from San Miguel)ice cream glassesextra foamstable (small, narra)glassware cabinets (not narra)hamster cageschairsglass ash tray(the ones used by […]

>Knock KNock

> T and I are in the middle of our nightly rituals.Both are engrossed in front of our respective PCswhen a light knock knock was heard from the door.I stood up and checked who could it be knocking at 10:30in the evening.I opened our door and there they are…3 boys I haven’t seen before. boy1: […]

>I feel like…

> Throwing up…(oh people..Am not pregnant!)In fact, the redflag is up on its 3rd day! :)) So again…I feel like throwing up.I am nauseated perhaps by the weather???It was so humid early on today, but then on the afternoonit rained a bit and the weather was suddenly cool.This episode is different from my migraine spells. […]

>Taggy tag tag

>Thanks Sujee for the tag! Copy here: 1. Answer the Kid’s Question by Gregory Stock, PH.D. Remember: Don’t respond as you think others want you to. Respond the way you actually feel!2. Add your name (linked to your blog)3. Tag everybody else! Kid’s Question #1 If you were the ruler of the world and you […]

>Today we had….

> In celebration of Peaches’ 4th monthsary,we went out today.First stop was UST church for a Mass celebration.Here, Peaches got bored, Granny had to give her chocolates! After Mass, we had lunch at Amici, Tomas Morato.An Italian Resto originally run by Bosconian Priests butlater sold it to the Reyes’ Red Ribbon company.Amici is Sbarro-ish. But […]

> What REENA Means You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You’re always up to something. You have a ton of energy, and most people can’t handle you. You’re very intense. You definitely are a handful, and you’re likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun. You […]

>Happy 4th monhsary PEACHYPOOP!

> myspace layouts When Peaches was younger we used to call herbaby touille (yeah as in RATATOUILLE) because she was smalland dark and had curly hair! (err she still have curly hair but less darker now)But recently my MIL and FIL are starting to call her PIGLET.They said she grew bigger and heavier than the […]


> The Green Mile was a 1999 drama movie adopted fromStephen King’s novel, The Green Mile.The setting was 1930’s and revolves around the life of a corrections officer ona death row cell. You can read the story here (at least the jist).It is really touching and my tears won’t stop fallingeverytime Coffey talks or cry. […]

>Wanna be the next top model? click click click!

> Boys and Girls ages 14 onwards, Hear ye Hear ye!Are you the next IT girl of Vogue, Covergirl, Seventeen?Do you have what it takes to compete with all the other beautiful girls from all over the world?Or you simply want to win $10,000?This could be your lucky day! Send in on your application to […]

>Blank blogging…blank

> Here I am staring blankly at T’s laptop (too lazy to boot my own PC).I stare hard as if words will come out on their ownThere’s nothing much to say..My week’s been the mooooost unexciting momentone could ever think of or one could ever had. Tom’s Peacheypoop’s 4th monthsary!Gee, time really flies.I wonder how […]

> Thanks to Sheryll for the tag!~ start copying here ~ Join the Worldwide Link Love! Benefits of Worldwide Link Love!1. Make new friends around the world.2. Feel the Link Love.3. Gain new readers and subscribers. Rules:1. Copy from ~start copying here ~ to ~ end copying here ~ and paste it on your blog.2. […]

> Your Love I turned and I saw The love you’ve sown for me How you nurture it How you protect it Your love for me has grown Like the flowers that Bloom in autumn And live until spring Such beauty Such color I look and I see The love you’ve grown for me Filled […]


> I wish I could say I am serene. I wish I could say I am well.The days are passing like a blur.I wake up in the morning, staring on my desk calendarshocked. Where have all the days gone?What did I do on all those times?I lost so much time yet I had more things […]

>Airfare promo?

> There’s one on going with Philippine Airlines!!!Hurry and grab grab grab!!!Promo— Pal should be paying me for this!!!! Too good to pass on this..Buy one Mabuhay ticket, get one free!!!Buy one Economy ticket get two free!!!Although you have to purchase the ticket onPAL’s sales office orfrom your travel agents.Online booking is not covered on […]

>Va. Tech Tragedy A Year After

> A year ago, Virginia Tech’s campuswas shook by a mass shooting of one ofits student,Seung-Hui Cho, who left 32 people killedincluding the shooter himself.This could be one if not is the worstmass shooting in US history. There were those who survived the shooting.There were those who lost a child.There were those who lost a […]

>Skins are making me blind!

> I’ve been blog hopping and I checked on some of ourfriends’ sites and found out most of them changed theirpages’ skin and its making me squint my eyes so I can read their posts.I figured, if I highlight the entire page I can actually read itwithout hurting my eyes! (Or did I get this […]

>Summer is travel time!!!

> For most of us, summer meansa time to travel with the whole family!And with that, I wish to help you withsome of the perfect destinations you could choose from.I will post tour destinationsthat are available on T’s family owned Travel Agency. I can guarantee dependable and honesttravel agents. You can always get back at […]

>Stolen Photos by ABS-CBN Talk show Staff

> My BIL, Pirkko, sent me this blog from Biyahilo.The author’s photos as he claimed it,were “used” by the Boy and Kris talk showbut didn’t ask permission from him.No mention of his blog whatsoever.In my own opinion, the segment producersand the writers are at fault here. Not the entire show. Not the network.Not even Boy […]

>A life at our hands

> I need not say that having a child is life changing. It’s a fact that everyone knows.But it’s just overwhelming knowing how helpless a child could be.Especially seeing how it isfor my own child. Little children do not see their mothers in a fashion sense.They do not mind the kind of jewelry their mother […]