>Knock KNock


T and I are in the middle of our nightly rituals.
Both are engrossed in front of our respective PCs
when a light knock knock was heard from the door.
I stood up and checked who could it be knocking at 10:30
in the evening.
I opened our door and there they are…3 boys I haven’t seen before.

boy1: Hi ate, kilala mo po si Uncle jeff?
Me: hinde *sungit*
boy 2: yung sa baba po..
boy 3: Pinapabigay po ito kasi b-day po nang tita namin.

ohh I didn’t notice they were carrying paper plates.

Me: Haa? wow. ang dami dalawa lang kami dito.
boy 1: O lang po yan
boy 2: sorry po sa ingay namin ha.
Me: ha?? wala un! THank you ha! ang dami!

Me: Daddy! dami food! kain tayo!

Lol. bye bye diet.

Ok so I don’t know my neighbors :))
It’s because I rarely go out of the house
and if I do I never got the chance of
meeting them.

Actually now I realize they’re having a celebration.
I hear singing and laughing.
But really I don’t care because our room is sound proof
I can only hear them when I’m at the living room.
And Peaches is sound asleep now.

Well that’s a nice gesture coming from
people T and I don’t know but share the same building.
Too bad we’re moving out soon.
Anyhoo, I loooved the shrimp!and the BBQ
T loved the lechon.
Didn’t like the cake though…It was Black Forest. (I don’t eat Black Forest)

T: Love, may kulang sila pinadala….
Me: Oh yeah, drinks!


Midnight snack anyone?

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