>panic panic panic


Friends I tinkered with my templates and ended up
really really messing my page
my BLOG ROLL is gone!
I did backed my old template that’s why I’m still
using it as you can see.
It was a disaster! I didn’t know how to do it.
So please bear with me as I make your links available.
I will appreciate any help.

I’m tired.
And frustrated.
Got to rest.

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  1. >Hey Renz,Sorry to hear that. Hope you get it sorted soon. Must be really frustrating.When you get the time i have tagged you for a meme! It's only a short one x

  2. >when changing templates, saving the old template will not save all other widgets. to do this, click view, then page source then save. all the widgets will be saved here.

  3. >waaaah I should have asked first.>.<goodthing my page's quite stabilize now.Thanks!

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