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> When I first came to Manila for college, I was the typical promdi. I remember I am often lost finding my way home. I couldn’t seem to remember street names and it’s as if FEU-Morayta and Espaúa is too complicated for me. I’d like to state some of the things that awed me: Jeepneys […]

>MY tags

> Dear God, we pray for the quick recovery of all the sick and the dying especially those suffering from LUPUS, CANCER and OTHER ILLNESSES. And may find COURAGE in their PAIN. Amen. To those who will be tagged, all you have to do is keep this circulating. Even if it’s to only one person. […]


> This is not one of those debates on religion. Nor do I want to condemn someone. This is simply stating my own opinion and I ask for everyone’s openness to this. If you find it offensive, you are free to leave my site. Why do I ask such question? When it could raise a […]

>My paypal madness

> My paypal account is screwed!I had it way before I had this blog.Like when I was still in colllege.And I had it for no reason at that timeso I didn’t think much of the informations I entered.Up until recently,I discovered I can’t withdraw my funds from paypalbecause my country is US and I can’t […]

>Potatoes and me

> I don’t know what it is about potatoes but I looooove them. I can live with mojo’s everyday. I love McDo’s fries better than Jollibee’s. I love mashed potatoes and I can make one. I love home made fries too the ones T makes for me. I also love baby potatoes. I learned that […]

>Which is which?

> Which is the most unforgettable chapter in your life? Was it your high school days or college days? We were on our way home when the topic was brought up. For T’s mum and dad, it was their high school days. For T, it was college. For me, both. My high school days are […]


> No other than my beloved hubbie– T.A couple of days ago, after a cup of shared coffee,T said he wanted to start blogging.I said, why not?He’s a good writer after all.I remember when we were still BF-GF,he used to write me a letter (long ones) and he really is a good writer.He can collect […]


> Our president is known for moving holidays to a day before or after the weekend for A longer vacation. I wouldn’t care less. But then this specific holiday, made me realize what the impact will be to The younger generations. They would all be confused on the actual dates. I wouldn’t blame elementary pupils […]

> This is T’s shirt when he was 1 year old. That’s him on the shirt printed. Peaches is wearing it at 5 months. No wonder our little girl’s a 6-pounder Daddy and Mummie were both 6-pounder babies. XOXO.


> Finally we’ve settled at our little place. I could see through the clutter. But day by day I still struggle to make our place as pretty and clean as possible. At night I scrub the floor with my “magic” cleaning concoction because I hate to See smudges on the floor. (OC????)….. The place is […]


> School days are fast approaching and I couldn’t help but remember my own years as a student. I spent my entire 11 years of Primary and Secondary education In a small but decent private (exclusive for girls) school In Koronadal, South Cotabato (somewhere in Mindanao) It was called Notre Dame of Marbel for Girls […]

>Peachypoop Update


>Abrupt change of topic

> Funny pics we took during the cruise. hehehhehe XOXO

>Life in a peephole

> I am speaking of life as I see it now.I know it’s vast and there are a lot of things in store for me.ButI just can’t see it.Maybe for now.I hope so.I hope it’s all for now. If this was said by a friend, I would automatically sayBE POSITIVE, FRIEND.But you know how people […]

>The Ventian,Macau

> The Venetian, Macau Casino To the Lobby The travelers who walked the rain and the biting cold weather of Macau OHHHHHHHHHHHH Mcdoooooo!!!! Last day in Macau….When in Macau, you shouldn’t forget to buy theirpeanut candy and their Portuguese Egg TartThe store is located near the Temple.

>Pictures and the story behind them

> HK Int’l Airport with JB an ex-PBB. JB was meeting his family for a HK vacation. On the bus from Lantau Island to Ocean Terminal. Notice that T’s not around. He’s somewherebusy with the “pasaways”. Costa Alegra. It’s huge wouldn’t fit on ourlowtech cam. But it’s not as big as the Star Cruises. At […]