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>childhood is fun

> evidence of a fun-filled summer!!!I like to call it sunbaked party!!! childhood is so much fun!I’m glad I have all the memories.

>me myself and more 3

> Me,Chiqui and Yanyan Tatang,Jongjong,George and me De Jesus then errrr…the hair? hahahha…

>me myself and more 2

> my first ribbons at 3y.o. hehhehe poser! first bday celebration at school

>me myself and more

> look at that frail arm and leg. I look so thin! Somalian-like. Do I look so cute?Tatay, me and Kuya Sandy at three months with Mommy 2-14-1984, my first bday!!! Ate Apette, Chiqui, me and Jayjayuhmmm why would I eat Chiqui’s food? tsk.tsk. My first medal at 4y.o. ahehhehe

>Dream on

> It is my dream to appear on Game Ka na Ba, Wheel of Fortune or on Deal or No Deal!!!!! I just don’t know how. I don’t know what to text and where to send it. I had a friend who has a friend who passed the initial screening On Deal or No deal […]

>Stand corrected

> On my entry titled: Being a probinsyana and more… I stated that rattans are from bamboo (kawayan). Upon reading this, Ate Apette called me and told me rattans are different from bamboo Lol. For the longest time, I thought it was from bamboo. For that I’m sorry for the wrong information. She said rattan […]


> Being a Mum is fun and all But it’s starting to pour down its toll on me. My back hurts and my knees too. Feels like I’m having Rheumatoid Arthritis. My good ol’ Bengay and Omega pain killer are running low. Worse, My appendages would often feel like It would come off. But hey, […]

>Let’s bowdown

> Today I’d like to share my favorite short prayers. I hope somehow this would help you find time for God. END OF THE DAY Lord, I thank You for the day that just passed. For all the blessings You showered on me. I lift up to You all the trials and pressures which I […]

>Peachypoop Update

> Mum, can I have coffee?No? Uhmmm ok. I’ll have…. My first swim with Daddy-yo Mummy, it’s too maasim!!!


> As I was having my daily reflection, it’s clear to me now.I have been through a personal downsizing.This usually happens to people whoTransfer to a smaller house.Wherein that person has to get rid of the things that areUnnecessary or things that became unnecessary becauseThere’s no space for them on the new house.In my case, […]