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>Book Reco

> I read the whole 7 books of Narnia. It was nice. Makes me feel like a child again. But only nice since the last 2 books were a bit dragging and so-so. I read Cecila Ahern’s PS I LOVE YOU and on the first three pagesI was practically in tears!!! (or maybe it’s just […]


> My FIL and my SIL both told me (on separate occasions)I must be out of my wits for being home all day all week.I told them a part of the truth.I wished I told them the whole truth.I told them I was not bored.That reading a book helped. I wish I told themI had […]

>Hairy Cinnabon (wrong spelling?)

> Last night my FIL, SIL, Peaches and I are walking past Cinnabon at Rob Galleria. (yes the one infront of Coffee Bean..the one across TGIF) and I told them I saw hair on one of the displays of Cinnabon. Curiosly we looked and there and behold! the very same hair I saw the day […]

>a picture of pure love


> I just finished my daily chores. I’ve finished washing Peaches’ clothes. It had to be handwashed by Perla because she has skin asthma and reacts badly to other detergents. I am really one busy Mum everyday. Peachypoop is 7months and a lot handful than I ever imagined. There are days when I can’t tend […]

>Dreams and Prayers in Delay

> Dreams are there for us to hang on Dreams make us want to get up each morning and continue our monotonous living. Though times are hard, I’ve never lost my dreams. I kept hoping and believing that on God’s grace The sun will shine and darkness will fade. I’ve been praying hard for my […]


> My favorite PDA scholar is BUGOY!!!! I soooo love him! I like the voice and the drama he brings. I can totally understand why he frets over Sen and Van’s friendship. I kinda hate the two for not understanding where Bugoy’s coming from. I just hope he (Bugoy) could use the angst he has […]

>Playground chismis

> Today at the children’s playground, Peaches and I met some of the kids and their yayas. One of the yayas was so talkative she end up telling us her “amos” lifestory. That her “ate” was infact a mistress of this very wealthy (and married) old guy from a certain province (I forgot which one..come […]

>Boracay Trip


>Channel 27

> This is one of the nights where I stare hard on Channel 27. Every 2 second I look away from my monitor and look at my muted tele. Did I ever mention what’s on Channel 27? If not, it’s our building’s lobby camera. I watch the guards on duty. I watch the elevators open […]