My favorite PDA scholar is BUGOY!!!!

I soooo love him!

I like the voice and the drama he brings.

I can totally understand why he frets over Sen and Van’s friendship.

I kinda hate the two for not understanding where Bugoy’s coming from.

I just hope he (Bugoy) could use the angst he has to win PDA.

T said, ABS-CBN would take a lot of effort and money

to repackage BUGOY.

DO you agree?

Is it because of his appearance?

I don’t mind.

As long as he sings well and he doesn’t act like he’s pretty and macho.

He’s so OK for me.

The least scholar I like is Bea.

She’s too maarte for me.

And what was she doing flirting with Van when she has her long time boyfriend?

I guess their too young, that’s why.

On the other hand, will that be an excuse to flirt with somebody else?

Oh well I just don’t like her that’s all.

Besides I think Miguel’s right about singing is not Bea’s forte.

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