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>I’m cool now…but not too fashionista for you

> Ever since I’ve been the tomboyish type of girl that you wouldn’t catch wearing a skirt or much more a dress. I am a jeans-shirt and short-shirt kinda girl. But change is good and I accept the fact that I may actually look good on some dresses because more than a few times I […]


> I created my paypal account sometime 2006. I never got to use it up until now that I started to earn thru blogging. And then I realized my account was unverified meaning I can’t withdraw, transfer my funds although unverified accounts can still receive payments…So, in order to verify my account I would need […]

>Save the date…

> Make a Smilebox slideshow Be good always, RENZS.A.H.P.Mtel.:fax:your@email.com

>Dreadlocks for T and Me

> Not!!!! Sure we have our new hairstyles but not to the extreme…I chopped my hair pretty pretty short. I thought I looked like fatso! But T said it suits me..dunno if he meant it or said it to pacify me. The lobby guard said I looked like Aiko Melendez. Duh. Expecting for a christmas […]


> Wyt’s post at FS: to all batch FEU-NRMF RICO 2003, the long wait is finally over. you can get your yearbook at the SMT office on monday, september 29, 2008. thank you.SMS from Joan: Available na daw ang yearbook sa SMT office on Monday just say RICO 2003.Haller!!!! How many years???? I don’t care […]

>Nestle nestle are you there?

> Because of the DOH memorandum that all milk products must be repackaged, P’s milk has been out of stock for the past 2 months so I switched hers from NAN HA 2 to NAN 2. She’s liking it thank God. Anyhoo…I’m posting this as a shoutout to anyone who knows someone who’s with Nestle? […]

>Recalled Chinese Products

> Link PLease take time to read for your family’s safety…Hope this helps!Thanks Vannie…XOXO

>Skinny or not here I am…

> I wanted to be skinny (Don’t we all?). For the longest time I’ve been on the heavy side…I envy those who are blessed with skinny bodies and faster metabolism, they could eat more than a horse but they never get those flab. Don’t get me wrong. I want to be skinny..but fit. Just because […]

>Where do you conceptualize?

> Are you the type who just types his thoughts away? Or are you like me who thinks better on dark, lonely places such as the bathroom???…NO kidding…I think better when I’m at the loo.Sometimes I think if I stay longer I could create an award winning novel on my head. But once out of […]

>Twinkle Twinkle Little Star becomes a LOve song

> Stumbled upon this a few days ago and can’t get over it. Peaches loves it too…

>Peaches learns Daddy

>One night when T was off duty…Peaches: lalalalalllalala…dadadaadad…Troy: What did you say?Peaches: dadadadadadaada..DA…DY!!!ME and Troy: DADDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DAWWWWW!!!!!!That was so much fun.

>The way Mommy sees

> One thing I love and hate at the same time with my mom is the way she fails to see the faults of the people around her. It takes her a lot of time before realizing what the person has done. Sometimes its pretty cool but then most of the time it’s annoying. I’ve […]

>Hammered by Life

> When life struck you hard…cry for a night…then stand proud… With every hurt we gain wisdom and strength.


>Kanina lang nakatitig ako sa monitor nagiisip nang maisusulat nagiisip nang tamang salita bigla ko silang naisip mga matagal ko nang kaibigan mga nakasama ko nang matagal pero sa ngayon hinde na kami nag kikita kita. SIguro dahil sa aming mga buhay buhay. pero kahit ganun naisip ko swerte ako dahil ang mga kaibigan kong […]

>Peaches update

> Almost 9 months and growing beautifullly and healthy! I’ve been a member of and from time to time they send me guidelines and checklist on Peaches’ milestones. So far she’s accomplished all there is on the list and for some she’s even advance. I’m really happy about it. Also I observed that she […]

>A friend and that’s all we need….

> A friend once told me…. ” Renz, ask God to give what you deserve, not what you desire. For you may desire a few but you definetly deserve a lot!” He’s right you know. Not just for me but for all of us. We deserve better than what we desire. Most of the time […]

Frugal Living

Since I’ve been managing our budget, I’ve been a sucker for frugal tips from the internet, from my friends, and relatives. And it’s been bugging my brain since last night. So here let me share what I’ve learned…. Squeeze all your calamansi into one container and just store it on the fridge to be sure […]


>”Daddy!!!! may ngipin na si Peaches!!!” Troy runs towards us. “OO nga!! Yehey!” “Gotta text people!” text text text Grampy: “Nakita ko na yan kahapon pa.” ngek ngek ngekkkkkkkk…… duh.

>So Bugoy lost! *hay*

>Well he placed second among the top 6 and he’s getting prize money among others. Not bad.Still, I wanted him to win. Laarni (the girl who won the 1st place) probably won because of her “star quality” compared to Bugoy’s not-so-good looks. See, Bugoy never had those “piyok” moments whereas Laarni seemed to have it […]


> Since day 1 of PDA, I’ve been awestruck by Bugoy’s singing capabilities.Considering he didn’t have voice lessons or any formal lessons in music.In fact he’s from a less priviledge family. He had to help his father plowfields after school and named his good ol’ carabao Goopie.(lol)Isn’t he cute?Bugoy’s a funny guy too. And it’s […]