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>Ode to my BEST FRIEND

>In just a few more minutes, it’ll be my best friend’s birthday! And I decided to make an entire post about him and how much I hate love him. His name’s Ryan Bill (yea like Bill Clinton). We used to call him Billyana for having girls as his close friends. And me as a best […]

>And I felt stooopid

>I’ve been to a two-day live-in conference from Department of Health which was held at CityState Tower. It was a gruesome ordeal for me. Let me tell you why. The invitation letter we received from DOH a month ago, said it would be held at Atrium Hotel in Pasay. Come October 29, I asked our […]

> As today is the last day of the month and also the last day of my topic of the month, I have a few points to share: No matter how hectic our life could be, remember to pause and have a quiet time alone with God. Listen to Him. Feel His presence. From time […]

>I offer this decade for

> Ask and you shall receive I pray that:*Hubbie’s job offer pushes through *Nanay N would be the broker for Malacs *Malacs be sold to a fair price * Tatay and Mommy be protected from all evil *Peaches will grow healthy and strong *I may have the strength to take on whatever is thrown at […]

>The Cross in My Pocket

>Got this lovely prayer/poem from Wifey Diaries I have a cross in my pocket As a simple reminder to me Of the fact that I am a Christian No matter where I may be. This little cross isn’t magic Nor is it a good luck charm It isn’t meant to protect me From every physical […]

>Obedience is FAITH in action

>I was having a bad morning. I slept little because Peaches got the flu when I was woken by the phone ringing. I had to scram and get it before it wakes P, but too late she gets up and whine. I look up at our wall clock, it’s 6:30AM. And so my day unfolds. […]

>Dear God, Please take away the virus my baby caught. Let it be transferred to the bugs and lizards crawling at our veranda. Please let her sleep soundly and comfortably and make her stop throwing up. I pray that tomorrow, she feels better and is back to her normal self again. Love, Peaches’ Mommy and […]

>iLASIK anyone?

> I’ve been wearing eyeglasses and contact lens since I was in fifth grade. In my youth I was a superb tennis athlete and so precision and anticipation is what I tried to achieve on each game. I couldn’t do this at first because I hated wearing eyeglasses when in the court. I also tried […]

>Church Signs 2

>Nice noh? Please drag the cursor from point X to point O. X Just because you can’t see God doesn’t mean He’s not there O

>Church Signs

> These signs are great to catch anyone’s attention! Enjoy!!! YOU ARE!!! (u r) Yum!W W J D!

>Story behind Amazing Grace

>Amazing Grace touched many lives. And it continues to do so until today. It’s amazing how a simple song with simple chords would struck us the most. But how did it started? What does each line means? Here’s a clip I managed to get and I hope who ever reads this will be GRACED. [youtube […]

>My worship songs…

> Power of Your Love*** Whenever I sing the song or hear it, it always brings me closer to my bestfriend. He loves to sing the song and he sang it well. I loved it when he sings it for me. Lord, I offer my life*** This would easily make me cry… [youtube] More […]

>My Stolen Rosary

> To celebrate the Month of the Holy Rosary, I left my blue rosary on our door. Thinking that whoever passes by will remember the importance of the Rosary and that they will somehow be guided and protected. My FIL even noticed it and joked about T being driven away from evil when he’s leaving […]

>Buying online could be safer

>I am a fanatic of online shopping since I always have my hands full tending to my baby and keeping up with the household chores. I rely on online stores in buying clothes for my baby and myself as well. And I’ve also tried buying gifts for my parents through an online seller and made […]

>Can God Speak to Us?

> If you have doubts or simply curios please click on this and try to listen if He really does speak to you. The page will show different presentations, you can view the others as this is also a chance to share this very special site. But please take time to read the CAN GOD […]

>Stop Squinting

>My mom’s still pursuing a lifelong dream degree and so some nights she’s got her hands full of heavy textbooks to read thus making her not-so young eyes (anymore) to squint when stressed. Often times I see her squinting on the monitor when typing her reports. I know she should be getting her eyes checked […]

>My Mustard Seed: YFC-FEU

>I’ve been a member of YFC-South Central Mindanao since high school. I was dragged along by my friends and bestfriend. It’s nothing but a game for me and the chance to meet more friends. Until, I stepped into College and God paved the way to different path for me. When I was at FEU Morayta, […]

>Things I’ve learned from my Religion Teachers

>I was awarded Best in Religion during my elementary days. Since I have perfect Mass attendance, I have good conduct and I have high grades on the subject. So here are the things I learned from my teachers: (or the things I could still remember) 1. We only do the sign of the croos as […]

>Unconventional profession of Faith

>All my life I’ve only celebrated Mass at the church, at home or at other parochial places but not to a very unconventional way such as a Theatre! Yes, you read it right… Theater as in movie theater. Isn’t it great? I think so too. I mean, this is a good way of encouraging others […]

>When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something.”

> A little story…GO on and make yourself cry. She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: “How is my little boy ? Is he going to be all right ? When can I see him ?” The surgeon said, “I’m sorry. We did all […]