>I need a job!

>For weeks now, I’ve been looking for a work at home job to keep me going.
I’m getting bored and a bit frustrated each day by all these household chores I have to do.
If I have a job, then I could pay someone to do the chores for me instead.
I think it’s too much of me to ask my husband to pay for it since he does all the earning and paying. Besides, it’s practical if both of us are earning.

So I’ll take this one step at a time.

First, work at home job hunt!

and then..

Second, find a good stay out helper!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one!!!

Hey, maybe you can help me find a work at home job? Buzz me up.

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  2. >really? how can I earn that much? wow possible pala un!

  3. >Renz, thanks for visiting. Come back often.This Book For Free

  4. >Hmm hi Renz hehehe I'm interested in professional blogging too ^_^ It's so hard to earn online 🙂 I wonder how Don, Star, Marge, Sandy and everyone are doing…

  5. >renz: buy a domain first. most paid to review sites prefer domain names. you can buy through blogger so you won't have to pay for a server – blogger na rin ang free server.

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