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I’ve been wearing eyeglasses and contact lens since I was in fifth grade. In my youth I was a superb tennis athlete and so precision and anticipation is what I tried to achieve on each game. I couldn’t do this at first because I hated wearing eyeglasses when in the court. I also tried contact lenses but the dusts clouds my lenses. Plus, there were numerous instances when my lenses would be displaced! I had to wait for an entire set before I could run and fix my lenses.

But lookie here, I just heard of LASIK and the much modern iLASIK. Which uses two lasers to correct the imperfections in our eyes. Upon knowing this, my first thought was the lasers would hurt! Think about the episodes from Power Rangers where they zap their enemies with lasers!!! Would they use the same on my eyes? Ouchie. I searched some more and here the LASIK information gave me things I should know. And surely it took away my laser fears. More about how LASIK technology is done helped too. iLASIK gave us an option to make our visions back to its perfect 20/20 or if not…almost near it. Just to cite a few organizations who used the iLASIK technology, the NASA and DOD of the United States of America used this technology to improve the working capacity of their personnel. In fact 95% of the military personnel who undergone the operation, restored their 20/20 vision. If that’s not enough gaurantee that the technology works and is safe, I don’t know what else would.

Personally, given the chance to undergo such surgery, I would glady take it. I’m tired of putting on contact lenses everyday and eventally losing a pair in the end. It’s so much hassle specially on cold and windy nights, it gets dry and my eyes are irritated. All this I am so much willing to undergo the operation and have the perfect eye sight!


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  1. >Hi Renz. Hmm, lasik.About NCLEX assistance: i-ym mo si Micaela(yung about domain and webhosting) kasi tatay nya ay nagtatrabaho doon sa main branch ng agency na pinagtatrabahuhan dati ni Kuya Raul. Hindi ko na alam kung sila pa rin ang nagbabayad ng NCLEX ng mga nurses nila.

  2. >my hometown is taytay and we’ll be visiting on nov.1. if your house is on the way, we might meet if you like.

  3. >wow! sure! I live super near RObinson’s place! Where and what time?

  4. >email me your address:alindog311@yahoo.com

  5. >i had lazik from wearing contact lenses and its one of the best things i have done 😉

  6. >How I envy you Tina!!!!

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