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>May Our Fire Keeps on Burning…

>It’s still clear to me how on this day we vowed our promises in God’s presence.The day was just perfect for a simple wedding like ours. It was both sureal and fun. See, Bro. Egay thinks so too… Do you remember when I said the vow? It tookme a whole lot of time and energy […]

>Interview with a Few Good Men

> And that was the end of my monthly theme! I hope you learned from our Man of the Moment.. =_= Updated: February 10, 2011 Man of the Moment Version I part 1 Man of the Moment Version I part 2 Man of the Moment Version I part 3 Man of the Moment Version I part […]

>Christmas apart

> My parents are in the States and it’s been years since I last saw them. Tomorrow marks the 4th Christmas Season I spend without them. It’s really sad specially because I am pretty close to both my Mom and Tatay. Sure, we talk over YM almost everyday but it’s different when you’re physically with […]

>Combat fashion: Be hip, army style!

>Ever wondered how rambo feels like wearing those awsome pants? Feeling like Horatio Cane or Mac Taylor walking down the street CSI style? There’s no better way than to drop by 5.11 Tactical Backpack and check out the stuff there! CSI and Private Investigator fanatics alike would be in justice heaven wearing these gears.A wide […]

>God’s message


>What’s this???

>Got this last night: From: “” Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 07:34:10 -0500 #message49754416440405246315987505649517133895960447 { overflow:auto; visibility:hidden } if (typeof YAHOO == “undefined”) { var YAHOO = {}; } YAHOO.Shortcuts = YAHOO.Shortcuts || {}; YAHOO.Shortcuts.hasSensitiveText = false; YAHOO.Shortcuts.sensitivityType = []; YAHOO.Shortcuts.doUlt = false; YAHOO.Shortcuts.location = “us”; YAHOO.Shortcuts.lang = […]

>hanging on but looking bad

>I had been using my eye glasses for the longest time. I had this since I was in college and that was like 5 years ago. Saying it’s dilapidated is an understatement. It has chip on the sides, the red paint is coming off, the temple arm length is too wide and when I look […]

>Help me decide

> We don’t have a christmas tree yet and honestly, I don’t seem to care nor does T. But for the sake of the celebration, should we get one? Why am I hesitant, you ask?1. because we have very limited space for a tree. Even for a 2 feet tree.2. after the holiday season, storage […]

>Man of the Moment Ver. V : My Birthday Boy 2

>Today he’s 26 =_+ Is there a unique question you wanted to ask us, women?– Since we’re living in a world of equality, can’t you women do some of the initiatives that we men are most likely to oblige? (e.g. giving of affection, asking out on a date, etc) Do you compare your current flame […]

>Man of the Moment Ver. V : My Birthday Boy

>Because it’s my husband’s birthday today…. Getting to know: What do you do for a living? -I’m a call center agent. Would you still be doing whatever you do after 5 years? -No. As most call center agent would wish, I would want to work in a call center but I don’t want to take […]

>Who’s the Man?

> A great man aside from my father is my uncle, Tatay Jake.Before he was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis**, he was strict, unsmiling and scary. I remember whenever we were bad girls or bad boys, our parents used to say: “Sumbong kita kay Tatay Jake, hala!” (“I’ll tell Tatay Jake!”) and it was enough to […]

>Where did she go?

> Man: “You’re not the girl I fell in love with anymore.” Woman: “Of course, it’s all because of you.” Man: “ME? How come?” Woman: “I was the person I am before you treated me like dirt, before you yell at me for petty reasons, before you slapped me, before you humiliate me in public, […]

>Carlsberg: For the Fans = WEB TV

>Football fanatics and wannabes this is for you! Carlsberg Brewery now offers their newly launched WebTv channel at This has five (5) channels all about football, fans and so much more. It depicts that for many, football is not just a game, it’s a way of life. There are also bloopers and player rituals […]

>My Twilight Experience

> My SIL and I watched Twilight last night. We were so excited, we can barely sit still while movie previews were shown. When finally the lights went off, ohhsss, ahhhss and giggles burst from the audience. They too must be excited. If you haven’t read the book, I suggest that you read it before […]

>Follow up questions by ate Lunar


>Peaches now a lookie

> Yey we’re off to the mall!!! I so love it! Where’s my fie fries? (She lurves french fries) And ice cream too! I want some more Grampy!!! (yea, that’s Grampy *my FIL*) Mommy said, “Enough”. Hello, sore throat!

>Embarrassing MEdical Exam

>1. A man comes into the ER and yells . . .’ My wife’s going to have herbaby in the cab !’ I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, Lifted thelady’s dress and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs – – – and I was […]

>Mensa Test, anyone?

>Let’s do this… Here’s the instruction: You have to work out what the letters mean. See Number 0 as an example. According to MENSA, if you get 19+ of these you are a “Genius”. Only 2 Mensa members achieved full marks. See how well you do. Scoring: 1 to 5 is Average, 6-11 Somewhat Intelligent, […]

>Is it true?

> That men cheat on their wives because they fail to provide their husband’s need? Whatever that is. I’m sorry but I am outraged by these kind of husbands. Maybe they forgot that they left their wives to take care of their children, the house, the pet(s), plus his daily needs. How can anyone expect […]

>Man of the Moment Ver. IV: Married Techie Part 2

>Opinion: What is your opinion on same sex marriage?> As long as both same sex lovers feel secured through “Marriage” then so be it. I’m not against but I don’t endorse it as well. Do you think it (same sex marriage) should be legalized in our country?> I don’t think it would help a lot […]