>I have been bitten


No, sadly not by Edward but by Spywares, malwares or a virus? I don’t know what exactly. Avast couldn’t find anything, CC Cleaner couldn’t clean it up for me…I couldn’t use Firefox and Internet Explorer, everytime I open them they go far right of my screen, I couldn’t even view the page (but I can see it’s running from the system tray). So, hubbie installed AOL 9.0VR and luckily, it works. I wonder why?

With this, I am sorry that I cannot drop back on your EC cards just yet. AOL is too slow for Entrecard. I can only be thankful I can still access my blog and my email through this snail machine.

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  1. >there are so many sites in ec that are virus loaded. try downloading at malwarebytes.com

  2. >Thanks Ma'am will do.

  3. >try maxthon browser. it's pretty fast too. faster than IE and chrome.

  4. >I'm using chrome eh..cge po i'll try that..Thanks so much!

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