>2009 Goals


Jannesse over at The Wifey Diaries, is totally right. New Year’s resolutions are just putting yourself up for frustrations and shortcomings. So, I too will have a year’s goal instead of a resolution. 

1. Change my passport’s name and status.
2. Renew my PRC ID and change name and status.
3. Save more.
4. Eat healthy.
5. Be a better parent.
6. Travel more
7. US Visa for T, P and R!

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  1. >hope you get to acheive what you want. good luck

  2. >happy new year! i did not change my name in my prc id. it remained as my single status name.

  3. >@ Tina: Same to you mate!@ Ma'am Lena: wow! what ID do you present if you need to use your husbands surname?

  4. >Goodluck to all your goals! Happy 2009!!

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