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>Personality Development

> STAGE 1: TRUST VS. MISTRUST (Birth to 15 months)The developmental crisis centers around the baby’s need to perceive the world as basically friendly and comfortable. Parents and caregivers foster an infant’s sense of trust by providing responsive care based on observation of the infant’s behavior, making an effort to make the baby feel loved, […]

>Where do you stand?

> I got this from my plurk buddy, Gem (LadyProgrammer) and I thought it’s really cool to know where you stand today 🙂 I find it quite funny too… I just crossed over from College to Adulthood so prolly on the right track 🙂 (please click the image for a larger view)

>Nanny absentee

>It’s Monday and a holiday but I still need to work since I have a lot on my plate and deadlines are coming. I was expecting to finish some tasks today and start working precisely 9:15 AM. But at 9:30 AM, Ate was still a no-show so I called her cellphone and found out she’ll […]


>Who had been to a pilgrimage? Any pilgrimage? It’s for my MIL’s research paper. I ‘m her research assistant and I’m in charge of interviewing pilgrims or past pilgrims (is there such a term?). The deadline’s coming and I still need more or less 20 people! Help won’t take long to answer the questionnaire […]

>GrandParent’s Day at SchoolRoom (Peaches’ school)

> The grandparents were invited by Peaches’ school to eat soup with the kid, take a picture, look around the school, and play a little. Pappy and Nanny planned to go together but Pappy got tied up since my SIL was also in another event in Manila Hotel. So Nanny came and Peaches was pleased […]

>A Journey

>My mind’s pretty much bothered by so many things (mostly work) but recently my MIL offered a pilgrimage tour on November 8-19 (please see above photo flyer) at the Holy land. My initial reaction was, weehuuhooo!!! Jump for joy thing..but when my FIL started asking questions like: Who will be left with Tutut (Peaches’ pet […]

>Trouble at the Supermarket: Swiper no swiping!

>We usually do our bi-weekly grocery at SM Megamall or any SM Hypermarts because they have wide aisles and I’m frugal so I use SM bonus products or any promos that they have (plus, sayang ang points!). Today was different though, Troy was too tired to drive and our stocks are running low so we […]

>Someone’s getting married!

> My closer than closest friend, Wyt, is getting married! At first they were planning a civil wedding but then her boyfriend insisted a small church wedding…but then the in laws insisted on a bigger wedding…then, as the wedding day nears, it’s apparent that it’s not just a so-so wedding. 🙂 Peaches is one of […]

>Clark Trip

>My MIL invited us to a surprise trip to SM Clark today to watch my SIL perform as she is a member of Poveda’s Hardcourt (Cheerdance). It was a long ride, tiring and at some point boring but Peaches enjoyed the trip as she was so full of energy and had the blast riding the […]

>When is the best age to start school?

>This is  one of the most often questions I hear first time parent/s like me ask. But for me the question should be: “When is my child ready to start school?” It’s because not every child develops at the same time or proper time. I knew Peaches was ready because of the signs she was […]

>Peaches Update: On her 20th month

> Time flies, huh? And she started toddler school last week so she wakes up on her own because she’s excited to go to school and to meet her friends and teachers. Our day starts early but it’s working perfectly.I was able to leave Peaches on her own (in her classroom) on our 3rd day. […]

>We’re Back!

> Honestly, the reason why I failed to update my blog is because I had the longest writer’s block. Work wasn’t a burden but I simply didn’t know what to say to my blog anymore. Oh sure there were moments when a light bulb lit but it was not until today that I decided to […]

>Some thoughts

>I was at the mall today doing errands when I decided to stop by at Goldilock’s and buy P and T their favorites. I then over heard a guy questioning the sales lady on how they cook their palabok 🙂As in with all the, “how do you cook your noodles?”, What are the ingredients on […]

>Funny guy

>Did I tell you I married a funny guy? Me: You need a haircut. Or are you growing your hair long? T: Yes I want to look like F4 (he was addicted to Meteor Garden and I am addicted to Boys over Flower) Me: What?! T: Yes Shanchai! (Shanchai’s the girl on the group […]

>A Happy Working Mom

>Add busy to that. I’ve been doing blog hops too for the other blog I am in charged of (from my boss) and most of my friends here I still visit *cough* Tina, mate I’m still on your blog 🙂 I take a peek often and leave comments too. I realized I owe it to […]


>Hello everyone! (if there’s anyone left of my blogger friends) I’ve been away from my blog for a long time because of my work. I just didn’t have the proper mind to post a decent one everytime I’m done with my day. No, my boss isn’t a slave driver, it’s really me who’s a workaholic. […]


>That’s my 1000000 dollar question. I’m contemplating on teaching Peaches her third language-Mandarin. Now, let me lay down what keeps me from doing it: – Both parents are non-speaking– Both parents are working (okay, I am a WAHM but my hours are demanding)– I may not meet my own expectations And the possibilities are high […]


>For the longest time, Peaches was sleeping at irregular hours at night but I knew it was going to be hard for both of us if it continued so I made steps to make her sleep on a regular hour. It was a success (I think) because now she’s able to sleep between 8:30PM to […]


>Even in the midst of the economic crunch, we are still able to feed our children and clothe them with warm, nice clothes. They are still able to enjoy vacations that will truly enrich their growth. But take a look at some children who could not enjoy the same benefit as your child. There are […]


> This was taken 05-10-2008 and Peaches is 5 months old 🙂 I realize how chubby her cheeks are.Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 P.S.Ate A if you’re reading this, Nani’s vids are welcome!