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>Are you from the Nordic Countries?

> If you are, my brother in law needs a little help from you. 🙂 He’s doing a research on your education system and he would like to know more about it  through an interview. If you are interested please leave a message so I can get back to you. Thanks so much! 

>Through My Eyes Fridays

> I’ve been staring on dates the whole week so, This is what you see through my eyes…Thank God it’s PAYDAY! 🙂  This meme was started by Tina L. go over her site to know more about it. 

>Give them the best SPA day of their lives

> Have you heard of Spa Movie Theatre? If not, there’s one at BlueWater Day SPa located at Oritgas Ave, Pasig City. It looks like this: You can rent the theatre for your party and it made me think of giving my lola who’s turning 70 years old soon a surprise party. Inviting all her […]

>Peaches’ New Raves and Faves

>You might want to try these with your tots too just don’t blame me if they would want it several times a day, your head would want to burst because you keep hearing the songs. First is the Cuppycake song from Strawberry shortcake. It’s cute, her dad even sings it. [youtube] I hope you’ll […]

>CozmoTV Rocks

> This is a media player I found called Cozmo TV hosted by Amy Poehler and two others. The show is called SMART GIRLS at the PARTY and talks about interesting stuff that girls do for a hobby, for fun and stuff that girls do just because they are girls!The show claims to be a […]

>My Nanny preferences

> I am wanting a Nanny McPhee but not expecting one. I just want our nanny to be: –CLEAN. She’s dealing with a toddler who by nature will put anything inside her mouth. So I want her to show my daughter what’s clean and what’s not by setting an example. –GENTLE. I do not hit […]

>Changes and Quiet Time

> I spend quiet time with Peaches, staring at her observing how she plays with her toys, how she falls asleep, how she cries (or act it out), and everything she does. Most of the time, I see a part of me and T in her. It never ceases to make me smile. Although her […]

>Our take on Chinese New Year: Wear Red

> Hubbie and I have this ritual on the eve of Chinese New Year, we wear BRAND NEW red underwear and cut a portion off our hair and throw it on the trash. Of course all these for good luck. I even had to find red underwear or jammies for Peaches to wear too.This idea […]

>PhotoHunt 146: CHIPPED

> I had these spectacles since first year college and I’m still using it. I have issues letting go. lol. You can click on the PhotoHunt icon above if you want to join. It’s fun!

>Mommyhood: Patience

> Peaches had been really difficult today. I would want to tell point by point what she did but all I have to say is that, tonight when I am finally able to sit and do things for myself, I feel like a piston went over me TWICE. My extremities feel like they’re going to […]

>Through My Eyes Fridays

> Today I had a visit from my close friend, Ixarra. She’s leaving for *bleep* pretty soon and I’m gonna miss her. We fondly call each other Mumai or Mai. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad or both at the same time…At least she can now start to build a better life for […]

>Peaches and her friends

> I make it a point that Peaches interacts with other people other than us, her immediate family. It’s either playhouse time with friends or mall trip with Mommy or walk around the block. Any of that makes her really happy and works for me too since she learns new things from each experience.  Here’s […]

>The Guide from

> Just so you have a guide on my previous post… 1. How is your toddler sleeping? (Your toddler may be waking up often at night these days. He misses the fun and companionship of daytime and will be reluctant to go back to sleep. The doctor may have some helpful suggestions, especially if you […]

>We’re on the right track

> I got my monthly email from and it was a checklist on how a 12-month old should be.  It was also about what to expect on her next well-checkup.  Here’s where we are so far: QUESTIONS THE DOCTOR MAY ASK 1. How is your toddler sleeping? P normally wakes up between 8:30AM to […]

>Handcrafted Jewelry

> I’m a fan of handcrafted designs and products. I am awed by their artistry because I simply don’t have one in my blood. I can’t even draw a decent stick drawing! I am often in search of online sellers who do handcrafted products. I stumbled upon an online store that sells different kinds of […]

>The Garden of T

> I want you to see T’s (minute) garden. He’s a frustrated gardener and any seed he lays his hands on, he plants. He even had Dragon fruit seeds in there somewhere. I wish someday he’ll have his dream garden 😉But for now this will do.

>New Footware

> Hubbie badly needs a Boot and I just missed the 50% off at Manel’s yesterday. It’s really frustrating! For sale seekers out there you might want to share your great finds. 😉Finding the great shoes for my husband is tricky. He has specifications that should be met.I take it is because of his deprivation […]


> How much of you is a giver? I don’t know if I am but what I can tell you is that I am married to one. T is a born giver. He gives when he feels you need it. He gives even if it would leave him with nothing. He gives without asking anything […]


> I was talking to my Tatay the other day and he said we should get a storage room for all the extra things we have in the house. I told him, there’s none of that here in Manila unless he means I rent a whole warehouse. He told me it looks like a vehicle […]

>Recession Proof Malls

> I was over at Trinoma yesterday and I was so shocked (and amazed). I didn’t know it was THAT big.  I ought to go back there and shop (when I earn more blogging money). I wish we live near it that way Peaches and I won’t get bored here at home. We’ve learned to […]