>PhotoHunt 144: AfterMath


It’s my jolly first time to join a meme like PhotoHunt and I was excited to do it!
Here’s my first entry: AfterMath by Peachypooper

After putting her to bed for a nap, I was sure she was asleep so I proceeded with my daily chores. She was so quiet and it made me think she was really sleeping. After an hour, I went to check on her and found her rummaging through her shoe cabinet!

She enjoys taking out all her shoes.

But she has yet to learn how to put them back afterwards.

Another aftermath story is this.

For just 7 days or less, the milk magically disappears.

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  1. >I'm surprised she didn't climb into the shoe closet. Our grand kids love hiding in the bottom of our closets and cupboards.

  2. >Ohh I hope she wouldn't! That will give me a heart attack!

  3. >she so cute, mukhang dami na nya agad shoes, baka next Imelda Marcos yan sa dami ng kanyang collection. 🙂

  4. >I for got, welcome pala sa Photohunt, I have my entry dito sa Photoblog ko. :)Thanks!

  5. >dropped ec here, my first visit.. your baby is just like mine, likes to take out all of her things but never puts it back.. hahasweet..pretty..naughtyMemory FilledSweety tots

  6. >lakas sa gatas ^_^

  7. >@sweetytotsThey're ammzing. aren't they? :)@PaulHey paul! Thanks for dropping by!

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