>OF Shabu shabu and The Elevator


We decided to eat at Healthy Shabu Shabu because lola was craving for tempura. Saisaki was their first choice but it was too far (and the traffic was heavy). When we ordered, lola was so shocked why we had to cook our own food! She said, ‘Tayo na magbabayad, tayo pa magluluto!’ (We pay them yet we cook our own food). 
hehehehhe. My aunt did the cooking for her instead. And she said goodthing the mixed tempura was delish. 
After dinner we went to our place and toured them inside the building. Lola was so afraid the building might fall apart. She didn’t let go of my aunt’s hand when we were at the elevator and even when we were walking at our floor’s hallway. The aunts wanted to see the penthouse (41st floor) so we went up, much to lola’s dismay. On our way to the top, lola was praying to all the angels and Saints while looking at the numbers of each floor as it went up to P. We were laughing of course.  She enjoyed the view so it was worth it. 🙂

Going down was another story.

She said she will never live in a building this tall because when the elevators are all down, she might never get out from the building. My Uncle told her that this building provides slides on cases like that, slides like the ones you see on aircrafts (for emergency landing) lol. 

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