>The Bed Speaks but the Lungs complain


The hubbie was from a night shift but we needed to re-stock our fridge or else we will starve. So off we go to the supermarket. By the time we were home T was so sleepy he swears the bed was calling him…

Snoopy(our bed cover is printed with a big SNOOPY): TRrrrrrooooyyyy, Trrrrooooyyyyy, Trooooyyyyyy come to me and sleeeeeepppp…It’s so nice to sleeeepppppp….Your back longs for a soft mattress, your eyes need to rest…sleeeeppp…sleeeeeppp…

*well of course he said this all out with actions and voice animation…and I was laughing so hard*

I said, he should sleep now.

He said, he can’t.

“Why?”, I asked.

because his lungs say so…

Lungs: smoke!smoke!smoke!smmmmmmmmmmmmmooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeee!!!!!

Hah. What smokers would do for one puff.

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