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I made my version of creamy macaroni soup. I know I know it’s not as if it’s too complicated.

Sorry but I don’t do measurements, I add on ingredients depending on
my taste and T’s so please bear with me.
(oh and I don’t have garlic left so I skipped it)

Here šŸ˜‰


White Onion
Cabbage (sliced like when making coleslaw)
Button Mushroom slicedĀ 
Evaporated Milk
Nestle’s Cream (I had a small portion left from my strawberries and cream)
Bouillon cube (chicken)

Melt butter(I slice a generous amount) in a pan, sautee onion until transparent. Add in the mushroom and sautee until mushroom turns (a little) brown. Add half of the bouillon cube, stir and cover for 3 mins. Remove from pan and set aside. On the same pan, boil water then add macaroni. Boil until macaroni is HALF cooked. Place cabbage and continue boiling for 3 mins. add the remaining bouillon cube and stir. Let it simmer for a while then add a slice of butter, stir and cover. When macaroni and cabbage are all done, add the mushroom, simmer for a minute while stirring then add milk SLOWLY and continue stirring. Add Nestle’s cream SLOWLY then stir. Add milk again and let it simmer. Add a dash of salt to taste.Ā 

You can adjust the ingredients depending on your taste. Especially the amount of milk and cream. I like mine creamy so I put 50-75mL of milk and 1/4 (of the box) nestle cream.

Sorry I don’t know how to make a good procedure. I hope you at least got an idea.

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