During High school, I had a girl friend who had a crush on one of my guy friends and that guy had a crush on my girl friend as well. BOTH told me so and BOTH asked me not to tell the other or any other soul for that matter. I was there listening to both stories on how they ‘feel’ and most of the time they ‘feel’ the same. It was tiring that I have to hear the same stories over and over but I am a good friend and I never did tell anyone.

Looking back, I regret not telling (hehehehehhe). My girl friend is still single (and looking) and the guy is (guess what!) single too! I mean what are they waiting for? My girl friend is a believer of destiny. Maybe she’s waiting for a sign to happen. I wish she’d find her sign soon.

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  1. >uy sino to??? lol. pm lang.. haha

  2. >hahahha you know the guy really well.

  3. >what are the odds, kakakita ko lang ng aking ultimate hs crush sa friendster, kaso hindi na sya ganon ka-"hot", parang biglang tumalon sa bintana ang excitement ko nung makita ko ang mga latest pic nya, but still fun to reminisced. and yeah I have a BEST MOM AWARD for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. >Thanks Willa for the award! ๐Ÿ™‚ hahaha I know what you mean when we're left thinking, WHY DID I EVER HAD A CRUSH ON HIM?!

  5. >ba't di mo na lang kc sabihin sa kanila? bka ikaw ang sign na hinihintay nila. hehehehe. ikaw lang pala ang sign nila, nghintay pa sila ng pgkatagal tagal. lol

  6. >@Ate A: Aktwali tama ka te pero parang ayaw ko din makialam hahahha…chaka malayo sila sa isa't isa ngayon..miles away ang drama nila…

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