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>For the longest time, Peaches was sleeping at irregular hours at night but I knew it was going to be hard for both of us if it continued so I made steps to make her sleep on a regular hour. It was a success (I think) because now she’s able to sleep between 8:30PM to […]


>Even in the midst of the economic crunch, we are still able to feed our children and clothe them with warm, nice clothes. They are still able to enjoy vacations that will truly enrich their growth. But take a look at some children who could not enjoy the same benefit as your child. There are […]


> This was taken 05-10-2008 and Peaches is 5 months old 🙂 I realize how chubby her cheeks are.Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂 P.S.Ate A if you’re reading this, Nani’s vids are welcome!


>Whenever I have new pictures, I send it to my parents right away. I can tell how much they appreciate every single one. They look at every picture like it’s the most important thing in the world. And sometimes my heart bleeds when they say “If only I could hug Peaches”.You see, pictures compensate for […]

>MMR shot and a kiss

>Last Monday we took Peaches to her Pedia for her MMR shot. I know that the controversy behind MMR was long proven a hoax. I read several researches of big wicks on Health and Medical Companies and all of them didn’t see any connection between MMR and Autism. Still, I felt a bit apprehensive but […]

>Peaches’ first photo op by herself :)

> First try… Second try…almost… Third try… This was taken from my camera phone. I let her play with the phone and I guess she learned to unlock it and use the camera 🙂

>C’elle could be the answer

>It’s not new to you that I have a family history of blood cancer, breast cancer, stroke and diabetes on both sides of my family. I know it sounds scary and the more I think of it, the more I feel the pressure of doing something. I admit I’ve been a slacker on eating healthy […]


>Any working mom would agree when I say that having a nanny is a big help, if not a must in order to survive the day. But recently it made me realize, I became so dependent on my nanny that I can barely survive the day without her. I’m talking about my life on weekends […]


> Perhaps you’re one of those who jump on a plane, a boat or whatever and go to their favorite summer destinations when the month of April starts. Perhaps you’re like me who has no summer vacations whatsoever. Still working and doing the usual things everyday. I’m not complaining, in fact I’m quite happy where […]

>Peaches’ Easter Sunday

>I’ll just give you the highlights of our day 😉 – We all woke up late (that’s a first since P is an early riser)– T drove well today– T took 30 mins maneuvering the car on Greenbelt’s parking lot– P was so clingy to her Dad– P slept a little during the mass and […]


>My blood boils when I heard the news that my parents’ former employee I was talking about on my last post, TOUGH LUCK, was doing it again. He told me he needed to fill the P20,000 bailbond so he could go out of jail. He even said he was able to raise P5,000 and was […]


>It was past 9 in the evening when I heard a light knock on our door. It was our neighbor asking to borrow my thermometer because her daughter’s running a fever. I was shocked that she didn’t have one. Her daughter is a few months older than P and it’s a Mommy must have to […]


>This is a story about my friend whom we are going to call, BM (banana man). I’ve met BM through an online game 5 years ago and we’ve been friends since then. Over the years, I’ve grown closer to him because of the values he possess. And this post proves how good a person he […]


>If you’re looking for your princess’ dresses for parties, wedding events, holiday dresses, pageant dresses and even chinese/vietnamese dresses, check out It’s owned by a very kind American family that employs Filipino moms so they could earn and work from home. The family values the importance of a mother’s presence to ensure the utmost […]


>I always keep tab on our monthly budget so that I can easily track which things I need to cut back to save money. As I blog hop around other Mommy blogs, I envy Moms from the US because of the discounts they often get. They have coupons which are sent on mails, and the […]


>On top of my work today, I was doing an errand for my parents. Their former employee SMSed me and was asking for financial help. He was in jail because of his gambling debts. He said that his wife and two children are suffering because he was the sole income generator in their family and […]


>One day I’d like to take Peaches to a Disney Cruise along with her two cousins Nani and Zuriel. I’m sure all three girls will love it. We, the mothers, never experienced DisneyLand that’s why I want our children to experience what we did not.When the time comes, I hope the US Embassy will grant […]


>My bestfriend is always online and because of my line of work, I am too. We always have our usual chat and banter—at times it’s refreshing but most of the time he gets into my nerves.Just recently he was raving about Mafia wars and Pet Society. I didn’t know Mafia wars but I’ve heard of […]


I needed to refill our cupboard and foodsupplies and wanted to shop alone but hubbie refused to stay home and rest even when he was too sleepy to even walk straight. I asked why and he replied: “You’ll just be too frugal and we might starve to death” Exaggerated but half of the truth’s there. […]