>MMR shot and a kiss

Last Monday we took Peaches to her Pedia for her MMR shot. I know that the controversy behind MMR was long proven a hoax. I read several researches of big wicks on Health and Medical Companies and all of them didn’t see any connection between MMR and Autism. Still, I felt a bit apprehensive but finally gave in because deep down I know that MMR’s benefits to Peaches surpasses any doubts (which are baseless) I have.

Okay so back to the pedia appointment…We were last on the list so it was a long wait for Peaches who for the first time didn’t mind at all. She enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with her nanny and daddy. Ate food and shared with other kids in the waiting area. Didn’t throw a fit. And when it was our turn, she was happy to see her Pedia but when he started to check her, she kept on pushing his hands away 🙂

Best of all, Peaches didn’t cry when her shot was given. She smiled and gave her pedia a kiss 🙂
Because of that we were given P500 discount on our bill…woot!

After that, she was still as energetic as ever!

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