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>Some thoughts

>I was at the mall today doing errands when I decided to stop by at Goldilock’s and buy P and T their favorites. I then over heard a guy questioning the sales lady on how they cook their palabok 🙂As in with all the, “how do you cook your noodles?”, What are the ingredients on […]

>Funny guy

>Did I tell you I married a funny guy? Me: You need a haircut. Or are you growing your hair long? T: Yes I want to look like F4 (he was addicted to Meteor Garden and I am addicted to Boys over Flower) Me: What?! T: Yes Shanchai! (Shanchai’s the girl on the group […]

>A Happy Working Mom

>Add busy to that. I’ve been doing blog hops too for the other blog I am in charged of (from my boss) and most of my friends here I still visit *cough* Tina, mate I’m still on your blog 🙂 I take a peek often and leave comments too. I realized I owe it to […]