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>Clark Trip

>My MIL invited us to a surprise trip to SM Clark today to watch my SIL perform as she is a member of Poveda’s Hardcourt (Cheerdance). It was a long ride, tiring and at some point boring but Peaches enjoyed the trip as she was so full of energy and had the blast riding the […]

>When is the best age to start school?

>This is  one of the most often questions I hear first time parent/s like me ask. But for me the question should be: “When is my child ready to start school?” It’s because not every child develops at the same time or proper time. I knew Peaches was ready because of the signs she was […]

>Peaches Update: On her 20th month

> Time flies, huh? And she started toddler school last week so she wakes up on her own because she’s excited to go to school and to meet her friends and teachers. Our day starts early but it’s working perfectly.I was able to leave Peaches on her own (in her classroom) on our 3rd day. […]

>We’re Back!

> Honestly, the reason why I failed to update my blog is because I had the longest writer’s block. Work wasn’t a burden but I simply didn’t know what to say to my blog anymore. Oh sure there were moments when a light bulb lit but it was not until today that I decided to […]