>Nanny absentee

>It’s Monday and a holiday but I still need to work since I have a lot on my plate and deadlines are coming. I was expecting to finish some tasks today and start working precisely 9:15 AM. But at 9:30 AM, Ate was still a no-show so I called her cellphone and found out she’ll be absent today.
I didn’t ask why, I just told her to tell me ahead of time so I could prepare and then I ended the call. Now, all my plans are ruined!

Then I realize, this could keep on happening in the future and my work will always depend on her presence. I need to find ways so my time won’t depend on her anymore. But isn’t it the main reason why I hired her?—so I can work while she takes care of Peaches.

*sigh*…Yes, that’s all I can do now…sigh..

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