Archives for February 2010

>Toilet Drop Ins

> Are you using this blue toilet drop ins? My husband and I are obsessed on a clean bathroom so it’s a must for us to use this thing- or so we thought.  I tried using the one from 88 store and one from Toilet Duck. The product from the 88 store is way cheaper […]

>Rekindling Affairs

> But not the kind of affair you’re thinking 😉  I’m back to my old blog earning accounts and hoping to start generating income again. I’ve neglected it for so long that I hope they will welcome me again with open arms. a bug is the biggest lie we know! and isn’t that true? PPP […]

>Maggi Magic Sarap Vs. Knorr Real Sarap

> I personally love Maggi Magic Sarap. Winner in all aspects! I like that Magic Sarap is in grain form which makes it easier to pick and dash. Knorr Real Sarap on the other hand, is in powder form and it sticks to my hands when I need only a pinch or two. With Maggi […]

>Earth to Renz!

>I’ve been a very busy Mom! I’ve faced plenty of challenges that I wish I could tell you but I wouldn’t want to bore you of my dramatics. But the best thing that has happened to me is my Holy land trip last December. I will tell you about it on my next post I […]