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>Doing the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa) in Jerusalem Part 2

>Station 8: Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not over Me. Weep rather over yourselves and your children. For if greenwood is treated thus, how will the dry wood be treated?” (Luke 23:28) Place: Marked by a Latin cross on the wall of the Greek monastery Station 9: Jesus falls for […]

>Doing the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa) in Jerusalem Part 1

>The Holy land Pilgrimage is not a leisurely travel. I believe that more than being able to experience different countries and their culture, it’s more on coming into terms with your faith. It’s in Holy land that you see and feel the things that you, as a Christian, only hear from Mass and read from […]

>Semana Santa Thoughts

>  photo taken at Jerusalem when we did the Way of the Cross When I was little my parents and I never traveled on a Holy Week. My Mom’s keen on observing the Holy Week the traditional way. We attend processions, masses, went to 7 churches to do the Way of the Cross (2 stations […]

>Free E book: Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

>Enjoy this life changing book! ๐Ÿ™‚

>My Blog is Carbon Neutral!

> I’ve been invited by Christin Gericke of Make it Green to join their cause which is, Our goal is to contribute our part in reducing the carbon footprint by raising awareness of the severe environmental damage caused by carbon emissions . One of our activities is to raise awareness of the carbon emissions resulting […]

>Earth Hour is More than Lights Out

> For 2 years, we’ve been doing Earth Hour. Time has changed since the first time I joined Earth Hour. In 2008, it was just me and my husband celebrating Earth Hour. We just turned off all our appliances and people watch for an hour at our veranda. Nothing really special happened except that in […]

>Beauty & Bits: Dead Sea Products: AHAVA vs. FOUF vs. Dolmen

> VS VS I’ve tried three of the labels that carry dead sea products. I got them all from Jordan and Israel. Ahava is the leading brand and is more expensive than the other brands. My friends from Israel say they are all of the same composition (which makes sense), the difference is the company […]

>Pet Peeve: Doctors wearing white blazers on public places!

> Yes I get it, it took you blood and sweat to gain your license but that does not give you the right to wear that white blazer on public places which possibly spreads germs all over the innocent people you get in contact with.  What is that some kind of status symbol to announce […]

>When in Rome Movie Review

> Plot: Beth is a young curator who loves her work more than anything. She is determined to impress her boss but her baby sister suddenly announces marriage which will be in Rome. In Rome, Beth met a nice guy, Nick, but with series of events she ended up drunk on the fountain of love […]

>Easter Basket Hopped on my Blog

> My friend and fellow Mom, Tetcha over at Pensive Thoughts, gave me an Easter Basket Blog Hop. I don’t usually do tags but since it’s her and its for a cause I’ll do the post ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are the rules: * Copy and paste these rules to your blog post.* Create a blog post […]

>Cleaning Tip: My very own version of Cleaning Spray

> Have I told you that I love love love the smell of Clorox or Zonrox? I love it because it’s the smell of cleanliness!  But my good husband hates it. He says it’ll fry our brains. So, I made my very own cleaning aid concoction that’s still has its cleaning power but not too […]

>Quick Weekend Getaway: Matabungkay Beach, Batangas

> We had our super quick beach trip yesterday, Sunday, March 21 at Matabungkay Beach Resort, Lian, Batangas. When Troy was little, they used to go there every summer that’s why he insisted that we go there instead of Laiya or Calatagan (which is by the way, a longer drive).  Peaches’ been excited about the […]

>On Running

> I had time to check on my spam mails and found an invite from Nuffnang about Adida’s Running event this afternoon at Bonifacio HighStreet! I want to go but Troy’s too stressed to go. My brother-in-law’s studying for an exam so there’s no one left to accompany me. I’ve been meaning to run. Actually […]

>Lowdown on a Friday

> My day could have been better. I’m tired but I feel like I didn’t accomplish anything. Peaches has been a handful today refusing her nanny and has been crying for me all day. My head’s throbbing from too much noise and chaos in my little home that I want to just shut my ears […]

>What your Kids Need this Summer

> Aside from the usual swim suit and sunblock combo, I would also like to point out that since it’s summer, allow your kids to wear comfy clothes during summer classes and workshops. The summer heat is too much for them. Always provide extra shirt and a  bottle of water packed inside his or her […]

>Summer School Program for Toddlers

> I bet like me Pinay Mommies are looking for Summer Programs for their kids as early as today. I actually have lists that you can go over and see what fits your needs. 1. School Room, Inc at AIC Gold Tower, Ortigas 632-7753 look for Teacher Bunny or Teacher Lea Around the Block (1- […]

>Video: Peaches singing May Bukas Pa

> Who could forget Santino? Apparently, even Peaches isn’t over with May Bukas Pa hype. Here’s a video of her singing May Bukas Pa.

>White Hat Addict ~ CERTIFIED!

>I just had my 5th free White Hat after filling in my 5th loyalty card.  My favorite White Hat combo is Clown Hat! It’s a mixture of M&M’s, Candy sprinkles, and little Marshmallows. The sweetness of the candies complement the yogurt making it not too sweet.  I sometimes think that White Hat ought to pay me […]

>Nido Jr. & Bear brand Combo

> Peaches is now on Nido Jr. and Bearbrand choco. It was after many milk trials that I’ve decided to stick with this milk combo. Peaches is drinking 3-4 7oz. bottles of milk in a day 1 or 2 of these are Bear brand choco and another 2-3 7oz bottles at night (notice that I […]

>Manny Pacquiao’s Famous Clap Punch

>I really had a good laugh!I can’t help but wonder if Manny Pacquiao had too much of Filipino action flicks that he had to pull a stunt like this one. lol. Isn’t this the famous Fernando Poe Jr. move? I can just imagine the referee holding his laugh. Have fun!