>Day’s events and a free long distance call!

>I’m pretty satisfied with my day today. Tiring but at least I accomplished a lot. Paid Peaches’ last tuition, rearranged the furnitures *which I was dying to do for ages*, cooked okay dinner, went to the supermarket *which I forgot to buy things that Troy needed*, met up with a friend, Peaches moment and finally I was able to do my work without leaving any back logs for tomorrow. 

But the highlight of the day is calling Mom and Tatay through Ryan’s (my bestfriend) office number. I won’t say which company because I wouldn’t want to compromise Bes. We were in a telephone conference and when Bes hung up, Mom and I were still on the phone talking *unlimited PH-US long distance for free!* *goodbye Magic jack and vonage* 

I’m really happy talking to both parents because for days they were not online and I was getting worried. Text messages are unreliable as they come SOOO LATTEEE on the other end. *annoying*
Anyways, I hate that we have to live so far from each other that things like these happen and I feel helpless. 
If only America is as reachable as HK. *Okay, don’t get me started on US consuls* 

At least there’s something I’m happy of today! 

Keep my family in your prayers! 

Be safe. 🙂 

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