>Cleaning Tip: My very own version of Cleaning Spray


Have I told you that I love love love the smell of Clorox or Zonrox? I love it because it’s the smell of cleanliness! 
But my good husband hates it. He says it’ll fry our brains. So, I made my very own cleaning aid concoction that’s still has its cleaning power but not too strong on the smell. 
Materials I used:

1 cup Zonrox or any Hydrochloric cleaning agent
500ml Water
2 tablespoon Baking soda
2 tablespoon Laundry powder or Cleanser

I mix them all in one spray bottle and voila! I have my very own cleaning spray. It’s very convenient because I can use it on both small and big surfaces. (Read: potty accidents c/o Peaches) and it’s smell is gentle but tough as a cleaner. 

The things or surfaces I use it with:

1. My work area
2. Peaches playmat
3. The condo’s whole floor area
4. Toilet bowl surface
5. Dinning table (glass surface)
6. As bathroom cleaner
7. whatever I can think of 🙂 

Don’t be afraid to experiment on your own homes too. I found out that I’m spending less on my cleaning agents now that I’m making my own concoction. 

Happy Cleaning y’all! 

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