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>Ear Infection on Toddlers

>Since the other day, Peaches has been experiencing intermittent fever and at first I didn’t see any other symptoms as she was still active as ever. The next day, she didn’t have an appetite. Didn’t even ask for milk while she sleep which was very unusual. So I knew it’s more than a viral flu.I checked […]

>Movie Review: Himpapawid by Raymond Red (Event Review: adobo@night film festival)

>You remember I was invited to a film festival event by adobo@night? Well it was a great experience! The venue was a bit unusual for screenplays but it doesn’t matter because the short films and the main film that were featured were awesome! They showed several TV commercials which made me reminisce the past since […]

>May 2010 Local Ballot Templates: Do you know who are running on your districts?

> Honestly, I’m too wrapped up with the Presidential Elections that I forgot I need to think of who to vote on a local level. I then realize I don’t know any of the politicians who are running except for our incumbent Mayor who’s running again. My Mother-in-law declared she’s not going to vote for […]

>Cheap Thrill: Summer Chillin’ with Magnolia Twin popsies!

>Today was unbearably hot. I’m having major headaches the whole day so I decided to end my work day earlier than usual and just chill and laze around while Peaches is still asleep.But turns out it is hard to chill when the temperature is feverish!  So I waited for the tot to wake up and […]

>Event: Indie Film Festival Helps Raise Funds to Fight Cervical Cancer

> Adobo@night Film Festival celebrates the Best Filipino Indie Films of 2009. This two day event will show the top 6 Indie films of 2009 and as well as the best TV ads. These films were carefully chosen by the Adobo Magazine staff, creative directors and indie film advocates and leaders.  Adobo Magazine, the leading […]

>Tretorn is BACK!

>I’m sure all of you had at least one pair of Tretorn. I super love them! I remember my close friend in High school, we use to wear the exact color and design. It’s simple and comfortable. I didn’t know how much it cost then because Mom pays for it. In the States, Tretorn are […]

>Starbucks celebrates Earth Day with P40 off your fave drink

> On April 22-23, 2010 Starbucks will take off P40 on your favorite drink when you bring with you your tumbler (and I guess even your mug for hot drinks). This is in celebration of Earth Day.  Starbucks aim to lessen the use of disposable cups to help save Mother Earth.  I think it’s a […]

>Health: Nike Running Training Clinics

>Hey Moms! Nike Running Training Clinic just started yesterday, April 15 and it’s for FREE!!!The clinic will be headed by Coach Rio and the schedules are: Tuesdays 6-9PM: Ultra Thursdays 6-9PM: BHS infront of Nike Park Newbies are welcome too! It says so here on Coach Rio’s website  Are you joining? Tell me so we […]

>I Started Walking!

>In my attempt to be healthy, I decided to walk around my neighborhood. And it was really great! The weather was just right. Tomorrow Imma head out and do it again.It was exercise and people watching on the side (also eavesdrop on people’s conversation).I’m glad I just did it and I’m  happy 🙂

>Toddler’s Well check up

>Honestly, it’s been a year since I brought Peaches to her Pedia. I did brought her to ER once when her sore throat was bad to check if it was viral or bacterial…turned out viral so there was nothing to do but keep her comfortable. As I was saying, there has been no reason to […]

>Giving empty promises: Good or Bad?

>Peaches had her meltdown at school yesterday. The first ever. I had a feeling she was not feeling right emotionally so I decided to stay with her for the entire class. She cried and asked me not to leave.I think she’s feeling sad that Troy left without her. Plus people around her are giving her […]

>What’s your take on ADOPTION?

>I dare to post about this topic for the following reasons:1. My laptop’s on my lap and they say the radiation that it emits can cause infertility. And I remember a talk I had with my husband about adoption and his stand.2. I know someone who for so long is trying to conceive and when […]

>Folded&hung Flipflop sale!

>Hey Moms, Folded&hung is having a great sale! Get 2 Flipflops for P300!2 brassieres for P500! Sale period is until April 26, 2010 Really awesome! Time to buy your kids cool flipflops to be “in” this summer 😉 I wonder if they have toddler sizes though. Gotta head out to F&H store soon! Also they have new scents and a […]

>Sinigang na Corned Beef (Corned Beef in Tamarind Soup)

>Since I have excess beef broth from the Beef Brisket I just cooked, I decided to use the beef broth for Sinigang na Corned beef, there are extra mouth to feed anyway.In an ordinary day, I would use water and beef cubes (bouillon cube). Ingredients: 1 can Corned beef4 cups beef brothSinigang mix 1. Let […]

Beef Pares Recipe

This is one of Troy’s favorite dish and I decided to cook it for lunch today before he leaves later for Holy land. As I’m typing this, I’m boiling the beef brisket (uncut) until it’s tender. I still have 45mins left before it’s done. Here are the ingredients I use: 1/2 kilo Beef brisket (uncut) […]

>Birthday without the celebrant (and Ah Sin Restaurant Review)

> Today is my BIL’s (brother-in-law) birthday and we celebrated at Ah Sin, Robinson’s Galleriabut the birthday boy was no where to be found after several SMS and miscalls.Well, with boys his age, you’ll never know what really happened why he didn’t make it to his supposed blow out parteeey. So since there’s really nothing […]

>On Packing

>Troy’s leaving for Holy land on Saturday. I’ll start packing his things tomorrow (yes I do the packing and he just double checks them) I feel safe when I know the things that he brought with him and that I don’t have to worry he didn’t have enough. Our dream is to travel to the […]

>Good Friday was Bum day

>For days Peaches has been asking for ice cream and yesterday was a great day to troop out and head to 7-11 for ice cream galore. It was great seeing her light up while holding and eating her own ice cream. She insisted we bring along her sister, Miman (huge teddy bear). She carried Miman […]

>Tips on Visita Iglesia

>We’ve visited 7 churches last night and we were with the in laws. At the end I realize it’s never a good idea to bring along a toddler on your Visita Iglesia. It was hot and too crowded for them. We didn’t have a nanny with us and so I didn’t get to pray and […]