Gain Plus Advance Vs. Nido Jr. Part 2

>A year and few months after my first post, Gain Plus Advance Vs. Nido Jr , I think it’s the perfect time to post an update and review.

I did convince Troy to switch Peaches’ milk from GPA to Nido and since then we were stuck with Nido Jr. Peaches increased her milk intake (which I think was the cause of her constipation several months back) and also increased her solid food appetite. To address her constipation I gave her Bear brand Choco twice or thrice a day, much to her glee.

These are the number of scoops I give Peaches:

5 scoops in every 7oz.

2.75 in every 4oz.

Peaches consumes 3-4 7oz. bottles of milk per night (the time she sleeps and the time she wakes up)  and another 4-5 7oz. bottle of milk per day (from the time she gets back from school and until 8:00PM). Aside from this she eats 3 complete meals plus her snack time in between.

No, she’s not over weight but she’s heavy. And I am happy by how she is growing and I give much credit to Nido Jr.

As for her vitamins, I give her Vitamin C everyday and Multivitamins every other day.

Like anything in this world, child rearing is a trial and error process. I had plenty of mishaps with milk, diaper, and God-what-knows products but we’ll never know which works for us unless we try it. 🙂


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