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>Philippine Airlines Cancels 11 flights because pilots resigned

> The country’s flag carrier-PAL, is in huge trouble. Flight attendants are said to push through rumored strikes and just today “a small number” of pilots resigned causing 11 PAL flights to be cancelled.  These were: domestic flights were bound for Cebu (PR 843), Cagayan (PR 181), Bacolod City (PR 133) and Iloilo (PR 147) […]

>Teaching a Child the Value of Giving

> Today I had a nice conversation with a friend and it made me realize that never did my Mom lent me anything. Why? It’s because whatever I asked or whatever I wanted to borrow, she gave. I never had to borrow jewelries because she said I can use anything she owns as long as […]

>Do you have a sweet toothed toddler?

> Sweet toothed toddlers are not uncommon. Who wouldn’t want to eat sweets? They’re delicious and often times satisfying too. But of course for toddlers who won’t eat anything other than sweets is scary and not to mention a potential health threat. Peaches isn’t one of the sweet toothed toddlers – Thank Heavens! I didn’t […]

>High Levels of BPA Found on your Receipts!

> photo credits: netchris According to this article, thermal paper that’s used on cash register receipts contain 100x more BPA (Bisphenol-A,) than the most dreaded hard plastic wares such as baby bottles, water bottles and canned goods.  What is BPA?  BPA is an abbreviation used for Bisphenol A. It’s used in making synthetic resin and […]

>Enopi: To Enroll or Not?

>Troy’s youngest sister is for the longest time enrolled in Enopi and last Saturday, her teacher suggested that Peaches come on one of their sessions and try out Enopi.  I wasn’t able to observe but judging from Peaches’ eagerness, she had fun. She came home with a worksheet on numbers. The teacher then offered another […]

>Banchetto: Roadside Food Trip at Emerald Avenue

>Every midnight of Friday, Emerald Ave in Ortigas is transformed to a foodies’ haven. Tents, tables and chairs are set up to accommodate the hungry crowd. Burners and fryers start to smoke and delectable foodies are in for the taking. The food sold are so diverse that as you walk through the stalls you wouldn’t […]

>Cats the Musical in Manila

> Last night was the first performance of CATS the musical in CCP’s Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo and I watched it with the family. CATS was originally scheduled to perform from July 24- August 15 but they extended until August 22. The experience was nice and the casts are all great! The cast is mostly from […]

>What Do You Hope Your Child Will Learn?

> As much as I vowed to make Peaches decide what she wants to become and what she wants to learn, I still have my own preferences. But those are just preferences, I will not wallow in tears when she turns out to be not what I preferred. I love her to bits no matter […]

>Peaches’ New Addiction: Yo Gabba Gabba!

> If you’re not familiar with them, catch them on TV5 every 7:45 AM (or earlier) and Nick Channel at 8AM.This is what wakes Peaches up every morning and she loves them to bits. But personally I don’t think she will learn from them as much as she did with Dora, Barney and Mickey Mouse […]

>Sale Alert: Robinson’s Galleria Baby SALE

>For the entire month of August, Robinson’s Department Store in Galleria will be having their Baby SALE!This is great for expectant and new Moms, I just hope the prices are really on super sale and that you’ll all have huge savings! There is indeed a lot to love in Robinson’s! 🙂

>Sale Alert: Port88: Ready Set SALE (July 31- August 01, 2010)

>August is raining sale here and there! First stop is the Port 88: Ready, Set, Sale at Mega Tent in Meralco Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig This is the same location with the Croc Sale and the BPI Sale last March or May. I suggest that you be there early to get a good parking space and […]

>Nestle Nido Is Looking for a Billboard Model

>Last time I was on the supermarket, there were Nido people taking photos of kids 3 years and above and if you’re lucky they’re going to make the kid as one of their billboard model. Too bad Peaches is only 2.6 years old. She could have been perfect! She’s a Nido user since she turned […]

>Peaches’ Art works

>Peaches wants her “art” put up on our fridge door. At first it was really cool but when the art stuff kept coming, my fridge will look like a paper mache. So I made this board for her: It’s actually an old desk calendar that’s just adding on my trash. We have yet to beautify […]

>Scramble, Iskrambol, Ice Crumble, Skrambol

> If you’re a true blooded Pinoy you will know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’re mouths’ watering with the thoughts of that cup full of cold pink ice and powdered milk.  I used to buy those on the streets, I didn’t care if magic sugar was in it and I didn’t think where […]

>The Undiscovered Star

>We were at Podium and the stage at the center of the mall was set up complete with backdrop and chairs for the audience. Peaches ran pulling with her Troy’s Uncle telling him to sit down and watch her. She climbs the stairs to the stage and started singing and dancing on her own tune […]

>What is Ameobiasis?

>Ameobiasis is an intestinal parasitic infection that is caused by Entameoba histolytica. The infection is spread through food and water or feca-oral route (meaning unclean hands after washing and then you ate or touched food that someone ate). Basically you get it anywhere which a contaminated water touches like fruits, vegetables that you wash with […]

>I have a Parasite!

>Yes, the real deal parasite. I’ve been out for days because I was sick—so sick in fact that I had chills with 39C fever, tummy problems, nausea, malaise and surging headache. Troy pushed me to go and see a doctor because I wasn’t looking good. I did drink plenty of water because I couldn’t eat anything—they […]

>The Life of a Work at Home Mom

> Often when people ask me what it feels like when you’re a work at home Mom, I tell them it’s great and I’m thankful for it. In all honesty, working at home is a lifestyle, a choice. One cannot stand long being home all day all night for weeks. I chose my job because […]

>Potty Training a Toddler part 2

> If you haven’t read my post about Potty training a toddler  please do so. 🙂  I would just to stress the importance of asking the toddler to pee at the bathroom when she’s diaperless.  When they’re still learning, sometimes they’re confused with the urge to pee that most of the time it’s too late when […]

>Toddler health: Cough Prescriptions

> The weather is bad— so bad that Peaches has cough for a week now and last night it got worse when she started to have low grade fever. I excused her from school today to rest. We also decided to bring her to the Pedia to have cough medication prescribed for her because her […]