>I have a Parasite!

>Yes, the real deal parasite. 
I’ve been out for days because I was sick—so sick in fact that I had chills with 39C fever, tummy problems, nausea, malaise and surging headache. Troy pushed me to go and see a doctor because I wasn’t looking good. I did drink plenty of water because I couldn’t eat anything—they taste too bitter, too salty that I’ll end up vomiting.

The findings? Entamoeba histolytica cyst and trophozoite on my poop. It’s a one celled parasitic infection on my intestines that when not treated well could go to my liver and cause real damage. I had those when I was 2 years old and I was hospitalized too. Troy was really scared because his brother nearly died of it (same brother who makes fun of him today tsk. tsk. to think Troy called 700-Club for his brother when he was really in critical condition—yep, it was that bad).

Anyhoo, I was given proper medications. I was not given an IV line because I wasn’t dehydrated though my lips were dry. The Doc just gave me Glucolyte  which I didn’t take — it tastes awful!  It’ll make you vomit! ekk.

I feel a bit better now. I’m getting used to the tummy aches (which comes with the infection) and because of too much water loss, I am nauseous and I have malaise. Maybe you ask where I got the parasite? It’s food and water borne so it could be anywhere from Megamall Scramble stand, Salad greens I bought from Robinson’s Supermarket or drinking water from El Pueblo McDonald’s — these are the places and food that Troy and Peaches didn’t eat with me so I’m sure the culprit’s anywhere there.

I am taking every measure not to contaminate anyone in my household with the parasite, especially Peaches.


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