>Peaches’ Art works

>Peaches wants her “art” put up on our fridge door. At first it was really cool but when the art stuff kept coming, my fridge will look like a paper mache. So I made this board for her:

It’s actually an old desk calendar that’s just adding on my trash. We have yet to beautify it with a nice letter cut for Peaches name but for the meantime, this will do.

This is also great to show off my daughter’s artwork from school and home. I can’t wait to put up some more 🙂 I plan to put up a year worth of Peaches’ art and then take them down when the next school year comes and keep the old ones on our Peaches box.

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  1. >awww those are lovely. i know the collection can get a little large cant it lolTina fromMummy DiariesGossip AvenueTravel ShackGame FreakZ

  2. >Annndddd I'm having space problem now! It's just a month since the school started. hahaha. Thanks for dropping by mate!

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