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>The Crazy Life of a Work at Home Mom

> Clearly, today isn’t my day. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, woke up with a dirty house and not to mention I’m under the weather.  I’ve been meaning to post a very nice article about National Heroes day but with my mood today, I don’t think I can even make […]

>Peaches’ School Rules

>Last week Peaches’ school conducted a Yaya (Nanny) seminar and these were discussed and said to them: 1. Let the child walk from the school lobby to their classroom alone. Parents can say their goodbyes at the lobby. 2. Parents are discouraged to peek on their child’s classroom as this will distract them.(I think this […]

A Mom’s Thoughts re: Additional Two Years In Basic Education in the Philippines

> image from Google The Department of Education plans to implement what they call, “An enhanced 12-year education program”. Which will add 1 year in the elementary level and another year in secondary level. What’s your stand on this issue? Personally, I do think that we have more important things to prioritize than adding another 2 years in […]

>Manila Police Department and others are Getting Bashed For What?

>Since Monday, I’ve been reading bashing and trashing of our local policemen due to the bungled hostage rescue. In my honest opinion, those policemen are also victims of a corrupt system which resulted to lack of hostage crisis training, lack of equipments and so on. It isn’t their fault that they went there unprepared. Blame […]

>On Losing Weight

> For a time I’ve been hell bent in losing weight or at least get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve tried skipping meals which didn’t really end well because I was always irritable (I hate to feel hunger pains!), I tried doing a meal plan that I got from a friend but discontinued it […]

>Everyday Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

>My dear husband forwarded me a nice email about being safe and fighting off abductors and such. Let me share them with you in hopes of spreading this very nice information: 1. The elbow is one of the strongest point of the body. If you’re close enough to your assailant, use it to inflict pain. […]

>Ms. Universe 2010 Top 10 Candidates

> Now we are down to the Ms. Universe Top 10Ireland – Rozanna PurcellAlbania – Angela MartiniPhilippines – Venus RajUkraine – Anna PoslavskaMexico – Jimena NavarreteUkraine – Anna PoslavskaPuerto Rico – MarianaSouth Africa – Nicole FlintGuatemala – Jessica ScheelAustralia – Jesinta Campbell

>Ms. Universe 2010 Top 15 Candidates

> The 59th Miss Universe pageant held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, USA announced the Ms. Universe 2010 Top 15 candidates:Puerto RicoUkraineMexicoBelgiumIrelandSouth AfricaFranceAustraliaJamaicaRussiaAlbaniaColombiaGuatemalaCzech RepublicPhilippinesHorrah! 

>Peaches Has Grown :)

>I was at Peaches’ school today and her classmate’s Mommy commented on how big Peaches has grown since last summer. I didn’t notice how big the difference is maybe because I see Peaches everyday.  Last summer she needs her salbabida when swimming on our kiddie pool but recently, she doesn’t want it anymore. She enjoys […]

>Does Your Child Know She’s Filipino?

>I was so ecstatic last night when Peaches pointed on my cellphone’s wallpaper and squealed, “Mapa nang Pilipinas”! That was really awesome 🙂 I’m glad that an early age she’s being taught at school about our Flag and our country. A happy thought for the day 🙂 

>The Midnight Madness Sale at Glorietta

> Sale alert! Sale alert! It’s another payday weekend on August 13-15 and with that Glorietta will be giving us stylish surprises on those days with their midnight madness! I am imagining all sorts of traffic jam on these area and should to shoulder crowd inside the mall  but what is this to a budget crazy Mom […]

>Molds on my Veggie Cuts from Robinson’s Supermarket

>Last Sunday night, we had our grocery shopping at Robinson’s Supermarket. I bought this precut veggies with noodles and plans to use it the next day. As many of you probably do, you check all your perishable goods for molds, dirt and what nots and that’s what I exactly did. The next day, I took […]

>The Worst Elevator Scare of My Life

> I know it sounds morbid but hear me out first. Peaches and her nanny were playing on our condo’s playground on the 40th floor. When Peaches saw the elevator door (which is located directly adjacent to the playground’s exit door) open, she ran to it and called on to her nanny. Her nanny must […]

>August is Filipino Month

>I received a note from Peaches’ school that for the entire month of August, every Wednesdays and Fridays, the kids should wear a Filipino costume. I didn’t bother buying costume for Peaches thinking she won’t mind and that not all kids will wear costumes anyway.But coming from school last Wednesday, Peaches ran to me and […]

>Run With Charisma

> My dearest friends from way back Youth For Christ-FEU days are organizing a fundraising for a friend and sister in Christ, Charisma Donna Carreon, a cancer warrior. For just P300 or P400 you can register and join the run for Charisma. Run alongside family and friends at Quezon City Memorial circle on August 15, 2010. […]

>No to Tambucho Gassing of Unwanted Dogs and Cats

> Growing up surrounded by dogs and cats, I am truly devastated to know that the Philippine government actually passed an ordinance which states, “Department of Agriculture enacted an Administrative Order which allows for the inhumane “tambucho-gassing method” of dogs (and even cats)”  Making tambucho gassing as a legal method of euthanasia.  I can never come […]

>August Events/Holidays/Occasions

> August is a pretty full and fruitful (yes, I’m claiming it to be one) month for me. First, 5 people who are close to me are celebrating their birthdays. My Lola, my father-in-law, my dearest Mommy, my highschool and forever friend Tatet and lastly, Ate Myrna.Saying that, I wish I could kiss my Mum on […]

>Peso to Dollar Exchange Rate

> I know it will be easier to just Google Peso to Dollar exchange rate but what I’m giving you is today’s exchange rate on Philippine Money Changer, Sanry’s. From last week’s $1 = P46.20 Today it was $1 = P45.40 Dollar rate is going down each week and it’s hurting online workers like me. I wish market […]