>Peaches Has Grown :)

>I was at Peaches’ school today and her classmate’s Mommy commented on how big Peaches has grown since last summer. I didn’t notice how big the difference is maybe because I see Peaches everyday. 

Last summer she needs her salbabida when swimming on our kiddie pool but recently, she doesn’t want it anymore. She enjoys “walking” and threading on water 

last summer

few days ago

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  1. >OMG!!! She's so cute! This is my first time to see your daughter. Loved your post about being pro-Tagalog and pro-English. I really appreciate how very nationalistic you are, that is pretty rare. I agree, you should let your daughter learn both Tagalog and English. You know how Filipino mentality is, if you don't speak Tagalog to them they'll get offended.In my case, I have seen a lot of Filipino peers who were born here and they don't know how to speak Tagalog. They can understand it but they just can't speak Tagalog.

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