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>Remembering My Dearly Beloved Departed on All Soul’s Day

>Since the Patriarch of our family, Tatang, died it has been a family tradition to go to the cemetery on the night of October 31 (no, we don’t have trick or treat) and vigil until early Morning of November 1. I remember it was always a pleasant experience. My cousins and I play around the […]

>Dandruff Problem? Do the Clear Swap Challenge!

>For the longest time, I was having intermittent attack of dandruff especially when I’m under high stress (okay even when in low stress!). And then I read on Clear’s Facebook fanpage about their Clear Swap Challenge. The guidelines were pretty easy and doable so I headed at their nearest event yesterday at Market!Market! and handed […]

>Product Review: Miguelito’s Fried Ice Cream

>I was curious on how the fried ice cream tastes since I always pass by it’s stall whenever I go to the bank. Today I finally decided it’s the perfect day to try it. There are 4 sets you can choose from ranging from P25- P40. The sets vary on the kind of toppings you can […]

>Most Detailed Most Outrageous Halloween Costume

>Look what I saw at Robinson’s Galleria Trick or Treat earlier!  This is my most detailed, most outrageous Halloween Costume so far. Personally, I can’t do that to Peaches. It looks so uncomfortable and I imagine her tripping or tripping someone else with its errr…horse body.  Anyway, I’ll stick with fairies, angels, princess and character […]

>Quick Halloween Trick or Treat Reminders for Moms

>Hey Moms,Just a few reminders before we fully plunge on the Halloween party. 1. Remember not to force your kids into costumes they are not comfortable wearing–you don’t want tantrums do you? 2. Please give age appropriate candies. No bubble gums for toddlers and younger. Save us from crying and screaming when we sort our kids’ candies […]

>Trick or Treat at SchoolRoom, Inc

>Peaches was Dora the Explorer at her school’s Halloween Party. There was no available princess dress that would fit her (we shopped for costumes a tad late) and all the others are uncomfortable to wear. What we did was looked for Dora look a like shirt and shorts then yellow socks. It came out well. People […]

>2010 Korean Horror Film Festival at Shangri-la Cineplex

> Shangri-la Plaza hosts a Non-stop Screamfest with 2010 Korean Horror Film Festival. Starting on October 27- 31 and Nov. 2-4 you can bring your friends along and enjoy all of the horror films for FREE! YES, you read it right. FREE!!! This event is in partnership with the Embassy of Republic of Korea, The Korean-Philippine Foundation, […]

>21 New Words Added on English Dictionary

> 21 New Words Added on English Dictionary This could be the oddest words added on the Oxford English dictionary (so far). here the 21 New odd words are: 1) Frenemy -An enemy discussed as a friend 2) Cheeseball – A teenager acting like a child who thinks they are funny 3) Turduken – A deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck that […]

>Could Be The Next Piano Prodigy

>Watch Daniella as she plays Bagatelle by Anton Diabelli. She’s my cousin and they’re London based. Watch her other videos at Youtube too! Maybe next time she can play the whole piece for us πŸ™‚ 

>Changes You See With Your Toddlers

>Hi there, I am curious as to what are the changes you see on your toddlers? Care to share? My Peaches is actually growing upper lip hair and it’s visible when you look really close.She’s also more curious and independent with food. She has her own preferences now and she’s braver as in she wants […]

>Movie Review: The Social Network

>It’s not any ordinary movie. It’s not a love story or a comedy or an action packed movie. It’s the bio of FACEBOOK and it’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg. The movie answers questions that were asked by the audience, inquired by many. The movie stirred emotions of the people involved in the making of what could […]

>Rainy Day at Enchanted Kingdom and Some Suggestions

>My Mother in law got invites to Enchanted Kingdom’s 15th Anniversary and she asked Troy, Peaches and I to go instead. That was yesterday when the rain was pouring hard every 30 minutes to an hour! There was a time when Mr. Sun smiled on us and allowed Peaches to ride the carousel, the train and […]

>Promo: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Halloween Promo

> For Frozen Yogurt lovers like myself, this promo is for us!  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is having a fun fun promo on October 27, 2010 from 7PM to 9PM Read more below… Visit any of the following The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branches: Greenbelt, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, Midtown, Four Seasons, […]

>Pampered by Makati Wellness Studio

>I won a day of pampering by Makati Wellness Studio from and I claimed my prize last Tuesday πŸ™‚ It was an amazing and a much needed experience. Every Moms deserve a day of pampering. Remember that a happy Mom makes a happy family! πŸ™‚ Makati Wellness Studio is located at JP Rizal Street in […]

>Toddler Health: Toddler Has Cough for 2 Weeks But No Fever

>For the longest time my toddler, Peaches, had cough but didn’t develop fever. Her mucus (phlegm) was clear and her lungs are clear too. It was an upper respiratory tract infection which is usually caused by allergens. She was given anti-allergy medicine which she took for 7 days. The doctor told me that after 7 […]

>Life is Peachy with Peaches Ver 1

> Hello there! I decided to create a meme for myself πŸ˜‰ I called it LIFE IS PEACHY WITH PEACHES. Peaches says things that makes me and her Dad laugh and I want to write it down because I tend to forget πŸ™‚ Just yesterday while having lunch, Peaches blurted out “Hey, I can’t […]

>Underarm Waxing at Let’s Face It

>One problematic area for ladies in terms of unwanted hairs are the armpits!  I had my underarm waxed at Let’s Face It Robinson’s Galleria a couple of days ago and I had a nice experience. I was ushered to a private room and it’s clean. I was asked to lie down and relax a bit […]

>Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

>Hello Moms! I’m  joining a nice contest over at Nuffnang and PLDT! Here’s my entry: “The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to being an ONLINE DIVA!” And the best part of having myDSL modem+wifi are the following: But personally, I like having faster DSL connection and wifi connection because I […]

>SALE ALERT: Robinson’s Galleria Warehouse SALE

> Aside from the 3-day SALE at Robinson’s Galleria starting today until Sunday, they will be having a WAREHOUSE SALE with upto 70% off on items from the big brands. It’s located at the 4th Level, Main Mall, Robinson’s Galleria (between Timezone and Jamaican Patties)See photo above for the participating brands. Hurry and see you […]

>McDonald’s Twister Fries is Back! (limited time only)

> Limited time only so hurry and enjoy your McDonald’s Twister fries! I’m sure Peaches will love this πŸ™‚ Remember you can order as much or less with a P40 flat rate for McDonald’s delivery.