>Product Review: Miguelito’s Fried Ice Cream

>I was curious on how the fried ice cream tastes since I always pass by it’s stall whenever I go to the bank. Today I finally decided it’s the perfect day to try it. 

There are 4 sets you can choose from ranging from P25- P40. The sets vary on the kind of toppings you can add on your Fried Ice Cream. 

The guy blended the ice cream flavor I chose and poured it on the cold slab

Twirled it until it was fried frozen. Removed it and put it on the ice cream cup 

Choose which syrup you want 

I then chose the toppings I like—depending on the set you choose earlier

Taste verdict: I didn’t like it. It could be because of the ice cream flavor I chose (Double Dutch) 
but really, I didn’t like it a bit. Half way through it, I wanted to throw it away. Of course I didn’t! I swallowed everything and forced it in. 
You won’t catch me anytime soon on their stalls. 


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