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>Contest Alert: ToyWatch Philippines Photo Contest

> I’m calling all my friends to join ToyWatch photo contest! I submitted my entry a while ago and I hope I win. I was so awestruck by the ToyWatch designs that I grabbed the opportunity to join the contest and win one! Here’s the contest details so you can start your entry submission too.ToyWatch Philippines […]

>Toddler Discipline: Stop Yelling!

> How do you discipline your toddler? Toddler Discipline is a very challenging issue for parents. It involves a lot of patience combined with the right strategies in order to be effective. Toddlers usually show behaviors that seem to be troubled temper tantrums. You probably experienced a toddler screaming, crying, throwing things at you and […]

Switching Nido Jr To Nido 3+

Peaches just turned 3 and I started giving her Nido 3+ a few weeks ago. The transition was easy, I think Nido Jr. and Nido 3+ tastes the same that’s why Peaches seem not to mind at all. What I liked about Nido is that they have boxes small enough for milk trials. Sustagen doesn’t […]

>Three Years Ago…

>Three years ago, my husband and I held hands as we walked inside Chinese General Hospital’s corridor and up to their labor room. He was carrying all of the bags I packed months ago in preparation for this very important day. We didn’t bother calling anyone yet as we are still pre-occupied with our own thoughts. I […]

>Kraft Eden Awards Mandaluyong City For Their Winning Recipe

> Last December 24, I was invited along with the other online journalists to witness Kraft Eden in partnership with ABS CBN and other companies give Mandaluyong City their award for being on Kraft Eden’s Top 9 winning recipes as part of Sarap nang Pasko 100 Days of Christmas. It was held right after the […]

>Filipino Christmas and Family Traditions

>How do you know that Christmas season has started in the Philippines? It’s when you see brightly lit star shaped Christmas lanterns and colorful Christmas lights adorn houses and streets. It usually starts late October to early November after the Halloween.  In my own family, we start decorating the house, November 3rd onwards and we take […]

> From our family to yours!I hope you had the bestest Christmas and I hope that you feel the true meaning of Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚

Shaken by Shakey’s And Some Pizza Tipid Tips

As you all know Peaches had her pizza party at her school and of course being a frugal Mom, I looked for the best option there is. I planned on getting the pizza cards that Shakey’s and Pizza Hut offer to cut on our bills. So I went to Shakey’s to inquire about it. I […]

>Peaches’ 3rd Birthday Party at The School Room

>Peaches’ birthday party last Thursday was great! The kids loved the magician and the clown that we hired. Although we did have time constraints and the kids wanted more of the magic tricks but the teachers said it was time to eat and blow the candles. Speaking of blowing the candles, the kids gathered around […]

>EDSA Shrine Simbang Gabi Mass Schedule and Christmas Eve Mass Schedule

> EDSA Shrine Simbang Gabi Mass Schedule and Christmas Eve Mass Schedule EDSA Shrine December Mass ScheduleClick to view larger photo

Frugal Tips: Birthday Party Invitation/Party Name Tags Idea

I’ve been meaning to print Peaches’ birthday party invitation but for the love of God, our printer ran out of ink! So yesterday I ran and scoured National Bookstore and Toys R Us for birthday invitations and found out how impractical and insanely expensive the cards will turn out. P49.75 per 6 pcs of invitation […]

>PLDT Telpad Its Features and Innovations

>Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) announced last night their newest offering which they called the PLDT TELPAD. PLDT TELPAD is conceptualized by the brilliant minds of the PLDT teams headed by Mr. Patrick Tang, VP-Retail Voice Acquisition and Mr. Paolo Lopez, AVP-VAS Retention and Usage, who came up with an innovation that features a bundled […]

>Peaches Update: Baby Santa, A Christmas Presentation

>Last Saturday was Peaches’ school Christmas Presentation and it was of course a treat for all School Room parents to see their children performing on stage. The kids prepared song and dance numbers for the parents and were wearing the cutest costumes! Peaches was so happy dancing and singing to everyone and she was looking […]

>Healthcare News: UP’s University Physicians Medical Center Offers Affordable World Class Medical Facilities

>I’ve had the honor of being invited to tour the newest medical facility within the compound of Philippine General Hospital. The old Faculty and Medical Arts Building was renovated and restructured into a modern and state of the art health care facility which is now called, UNIVERSITY PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTER (UPMC). UPMC is the first one stop-multi-specialty […]

>3rd Birthday School Party Preparation

>My babe, Peaches, is turning 3 on December 26 and since their last school day is on December 16, Troy and I decided to have her birthday celebration on the 16th at School Room, Inc. Entertainment We hired Boogie and Friends’ magician and clown package for the entertainment. It costs me P3,500 with unlimited face […]

>Winners Of Tang’s KiddiCine Young Directors Announced

> November 27, 2010Gateway Cineplex 4Tang’s KiddieCine Award Ceremony and Film Showing The 5 amazing young directors were announced and introduced to the media. The movies they created were shown to us as well. It was a 5-minute video clip that the kids directed, edited and produced (some of them starred on their own films […]

>What is Human Papillomavirus? You Might Be At Risk!

>Genital HPV Infection – Fact Sheet What is genital HPV infection? Genital human papillomavirus (also called HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). There are more thana 40 HPV types that can infect the genital areas of males and females. These HPV types can also infect the mouth and throat. Most people who […]

>The Goodness of Magnolia Ice Cream is Back!

> For years, Magnolia has been the household name for ice cream treats. The Old Magnolia Ice cream house at Aurora blvd was witness to several great memories and eating Magnolia ice cream has always brought those good memories back. In 1994, Magnolia Ice Cream partnered with Nestle and then sometime later, finally decided to […]

>Balik Bayan Box by Alas Cargo Woes

>Follow my blog with bloglovin Warning: Bad Review/Rating on Alas Cargo My parents from LA shipped the Balik Bayan box last October 27 and until this very day, it hasn’t arrived. I can’t even track the box on ALAS CARGO‘s website and box tracker. Their contact numbers are unreachable. I have tried several times in […]

>Yearly Anniversary Gift Ideas (Year 1-5)

>Last December 1 was our wedding anniversary. We didn’t properly celebrate it because my husband flew to India on a business trip. But when he left, a nice package came in and it was his anniversary gift for me ๐Ÿ™‚  Are you having trouble deciding on the best gift for your husband on your wedding […]