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>Athena’s All Women’s Run On March 19 Is Open For Registration

> March is Women’s Month and in line with this, Athena Milk for Women is doing a fun run for all women. The race is slated on March 19 at the SM Mall of Asia (across IMAX parking lot). Registration has started since February 21 but late registrants are still accepted at Toby’s SM Mall of […]

>Angel’s Pizza’s Pasta In A Dough

> Are you craving for pasta or pizza? Now you can have both in one serving! Angel’s Pizza gives you their newest addition to their menu and it’s a Pizza Pasta Combo called Pasta in a Dough. I know it could sound very intimidating but surprisingly, it tasted good and satisfying. I like that the flavors […]

>Clingy Like A Monkey

> Lately, Peaches has been super clingy to none other than me. Yes. NONE OTHER THAN ME, I can’t stress that enough. She even refuses to stay with his Dad even if it was their only time to actually bond the entire day. At first I thought it was because of the colds she’s had […]

>What To Do When Someone Else’s Child Is Unruly?

> It’s easy for us parents to teach our kids to be kind and behave well when in public. But what if it’s someone else’s kid that’s misbehaving and is being unruly? How would you react on the child’s rudeness towards your own child? And worse, you see the unruly kid’s parents just standing there […]

>How To Handle A Defiant Toddler? (Or At Least Try To)

> Reading Mommy blogs, Mommy forum and articles could not prepare me for what I now tagged as “acquired hearing problem by toddlers”. Why did I ever think that I was not to worry about defiance until my daughter is on her teens? Boy, was I in for a huge surprise of my life.  She’s 3 years […]

Groupon Deals In The Philippines

I have joined the bandwagon in Groupon mania in the Philippines. Groupon is short for Group Coupon which is basically bargain deals you can avail online. These groupon websites in manila offers 70-80% discount on services offered ranging from restaurant to beauty salons.   Here are the Groupon sites that I go to: (click on the […]

>New Japanese Product From Watson: Sakura Bella

> I had the chance to attend the official launching of Sakura Bella at SM Makati (at their Beauty by SM section) and I must say it was a grand event. Not only because of the top models present but primarily because of the quality of the products being launched.  Maro who won best costume […]

>A New Perspective On Street Art And Toys

> Toys do not grow old, only the people who plays with it do. Don’t you agree? I definitely do. My husband has a toy that’s older than him. His Mom got it in Germany few months before my husband was born and up until this day, our daughter plays with it. I believe that […]

>Gotta Love Legend Villas’ Irresistible Valentine Promo

> February’s the love month and what better way to spend it but indulging on pure goodness of chocolate!Here’s a nice promo from Legend Villa’s Lola Maria Restaurant Chocolate buffet sounds super awesome!!!!  I’m sure all of you will delight in this sweet sweet offer. Have fun! If you’re too full to drive home, rest […]

>How to Teach A 3-Year Old The Alphabet and The Numbers

> Now remember not to push your child to learn and memorize everything. You do not want to tire her easily and make sure you get her attention when you feel like she’s wandering.  First I suggest that you categorize the alphabet and the numbers to: ALWAYS RECOGNIZED (letters and numbers she can identify without batting her […]

>What A 3-Year Old Should Know

> I’m not a tiger Mom and I don’t think I will ever be. But there was an episode a few days ago that I felt like I morphed into one. Good thing I stopped myself before I became full pledged-Tiger Mom. I have been teaching Peaches a few things like the Alphabet, the numbers, […]

>Ideas For Caregivers Of A 3-Year Old

> Ideas For Caregivers Of A 3-Year Old Be patient with toileting. Many children (especially boys) will not be ready for toilet learning until after age 3. Accidents will happen for a while; treat accidents calmly and matter of factly. Avoid shaming a child. Encourage development of hand-eye coordination by providing large buttons or old […]

>Boudreaux’ Butt Paste For Your Kiddos

> This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.   My Mom sent Peaches Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to when she heard me complain about Peaches’ constant diaper rash. I like that it smells nice because the one that we were using smells so bad […]

>Developmental Stages Of A 3-Year Old

> Three year olds are full of tricks under their sleeves. They will surprise you of things that they have learned and things that they can do. You may or may not notice that they spend a lot of time watching, observing and imitating. This is the reason why I keep reminding myself to act […]

>ToyWatch Contest Winners

> Here are the winners as announced by ToyWatch: Congratulations to Grace Marquez (Be Colorful), Christian Lumague (Be Bold), Maki Eduardo (Be Fun), and Redson Rosales (Be Fabulous) for winning our photo contest. Please expect us to contact you for prize coordination. Thank you! Sadly I did not win. Well, maybe next time. I am […]

>A Day Without Help 1

> Hey everyone! I woke up early today to compose myself and brace for days without a yaya (nanny). I haven’t told my boss yet and I don’t intend to as long as I can because I don’t want to cause worry (if he does) and of course I won’t be slacking on my work […]

>Wanted Perfect Nanny

> Written: Feb 1, 2011For the past days I learned that even though how much you care for your helpers, they will still leave you without hesitation. No matter how much you pay them and how much you value even their loved ones, they will leave you at a whim. It’s sad that I have […]

>A Christian Child’s Prayer

> I’m teaching Peaches simple prayers she can memorize. God is Great (before eating) God is great and God is good.And we thank him for our food. By his hands we all are fed.Thank you, Lord, for our daily bread.God is great and God is good,And we thank him for our food. ** this prayer […]