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>Johnson & Johnson’s Presko Play At Market!Market!

> Peaches and I were invited at Johnson & Johnson’s Presko Play last Sunday. The event is about encouraging kids to explore the outdoors and play with their friends. I am totally all for thier advocacy. I want my daughter to play outdoors and go home all sweaty and smelly. It’s the fun childhood I […]

Novuhair Is Nature’s Answer To Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the many problems when you start to age. It’s main cause would be genetics, pregnancy, diet and several other factors. What aggravates hair loss is the chemicals that you put your hair through such as hair treatments, shampoo with strong chemical composition, etc. Luckily, Novuhair is here to help you […]

>I Signed Up At The World Of Wellness

> As a Mom I am very conscious with my family’s health and well being. I made an advocacy to keep my family  healthy and to teach my young daughter the importance of a healthy lifestyle. For watching so many health advocates, one thing they all say (and which I think is very true) is […]

>WinilaCity Philippines Takes On The Groupon Challenge

> As a Mom and a regular group coupon buyer, I was ecstatic when I found out there’s a new player in the market. It’s Winilacity Philippines and when you sign up you get a chance to win a Macbook Pro! Signing up was easy. I was asked basic questions, filled the spaces, got an email for […]

>Can Injury To The Breast Lead To Breast Cancer?

> The other day, Peaches and her Dad were horsing around and I was lying not far from where they were. Peaches was standing on her Dad’s back when she suddenly jumped landing her knee on my left breast (did I tell you that my daughter is HEAVY?). It was so painful, I couldn’t stop […]

>Just A Quick Hello

> It has been a whirlwind of a week for me but I’m not complaining. This week has given plenty of things to think about, things to work on and made me met more friends. In totality, it’s a week to be thankful for. A few days ago, the much awaited balik bayan box from […]

>I’m Shooting A Cooking Show

> Nah, it’s not for TV but an entry to a contest. Gotcha there, didn’t I? Please do continue to read… I’ve learned to cook since the day I realized that I needed to feed my family healthy and yummy meals. Thanks to the greatest Chef on the Interweb, Google, I learned to cook basic […]

>Greenbelt Prohibits Poor People?

> I’ve received a disturbing photo of a signage that’s apparently posted at Greenbelt.  WOW, POOR PEOPLE… Could someone correct  their sentence construction if they meant something else because this statement DOES NOT CONFORM TO ME OR TO ANYONE ELSE.According to some, this might be a fake. I really hope it is because the sign’s very disturbing. Points: Ayala Land […]

>Admiring John & Priscilla’s Wedding Through Photos By Nice Print Photography

> Wedding is one of the heartwarming and nicest event we all want to attend especially if the couple’s close to our heart. I have admired many weddings (which include mine but then again that would be biased) and one of the ones I like the most is that of John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles […]

>Simple Happiness Is…

> Troy’s accountant gave us a bag full of kamias yesterday. Kamias is a sister fruit of starfruit and it’s sour. It is usually eaten with rock salt. And yes it does bring childhood memories 🙂 In English , Kamias is called Tree Cucumber or Cucumber tree. In Malaysia, it is called belimbing asam; in Indonesia, […]

>Monday Mommy Poll

> The last poll was about re-reading books and 76% of you said you re-read books. I must be going against the grain because I rarely, if ever, I re-read a book. For me there are plenty of good books waiting to be read and why re-read those that I’ve already read. But if I’m […]

>A Child Copes When Yaya Leaves

> For the past few days, Peaches’ old yaya comes in our house looking for Peaches. But every time she asks, Peaches is asleep. Yes, she’s in the building working for someone else. Let me just say that when she said she was leaving us, she said she wanted to sell whatever-stuff-she-can-think-of at their place so she […]

>Toddler Health: Toddlers With Skin Asthma

> For the longest time, Peaches had these raised and bumpy spots on both her arms. It was not bothering her so I didn’t pay much attention to it (except for occasional irritation on my side when I touch it). I’ve tried changing Peaches’ body soap from Lactacyd to Johnson & Johnson soap but the […]

>Monday Mommy Poll:

> Sorry for the super late Monday Poll. I can’t get over the latest tragedy in Japan over the weekend. A friend’s inlaw was in Japan and for days they could not get hold of her and it was really adding pressure on them and it really bothered me. But good news is, yesterday they were finally able […]

>Help Make A Child’s Dream Come True

> This Lent what did you decide to give  up and fast for? Some noble women I know are set to make 40 kids happy on Easter Sunday. These kids are under the Kythe Foundation and half of them are dying of cancer. And I am here to help them spread their noble desire to make […]

>Answer A Few Question And Get P300 GC

> A very short survey conducted by Pioneer Insurance, will commence on March 14. This is inline with their aim to create a product that’s fitted to online savvy individuals. Pioneer Insurance wants to gather information and suggestions from you. This survey is open to all Metro Manila residents that are avid internet users, ages […]

>21 Phrases To Fight Right With Your Husband

> I’ve read from a yahoo article these 21 phrases that we could use during a heated argument. Fighting is inevitable and normal in any marriage, but what is not, is exchanging hurtful words that both of you will regret soon after. I know it’s never easy to compose yourself when you’re provoked by words or by emotions, […]

>Monday Mommy Poll

> Today, I realize that rearing a child comes hand in hand with our parents and with our in-laws specially for young parents like myself. This question is inspired by a random Monday thought I had earlier. poll by I would love to know your thoughts too!Just so you know, when you vote you’ll […]

>Life is Peachy with Peaches Ver 2

> Peaches and I were having our usual girl talk bonding earlier and we were talking about her friends, her school and why she does not want a sister or a brother. The conversation always goes from fun, funny to funnier. Peaches: Mom I don’t want a sister or a brother because I have so […]

>Treat For Moms: Affordable Home Service Massage By Islands Massage Mobile & Day Spa

> Being a Mom (and a wife) is a tough job. You often hear your bones crack when you bend to pick toys that lie around the house, you feel your muscles are tensed but you can’t afford to have long, deserved hot bath because you’re afraid what the kid/s will do when you’re gone […]