>Life is Peachy with Peaches Ver 2


Peaches and I were having our usual girl talk bonding earlier and we were talking about her friends, her school and why she does not want a sister or a brother. The conversation always goes from fun, funny to funnier.

Peaches: Mom I don’t want a sister or a brother because I have so many friends.

Me: But it’s fun when you have a sister or a brother. Like Dad, his brother is Tito Pirkko and his sister is Tita Anna. But Mom does not have a sister or a brother.

Peaches: But you have Tita Kat! Di ba Mom, Tita Kat is your sister?

Me: *dumbfounded because I never vocally said that Kat and I are like sisters* I nodded.

Peaches: And Tita Kat has big tummy like you Mom. There’s a baby inside her tummy Mom?

Me: NO! We just have big tummy.

Peaches: Yes, because you’re busog.

She’s the cutest noh? What did your child do or say that made you laugh today?


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