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Mister Donut Smiles On Us With Their Ngiting Mister Donut Promo

Simple joys can be easy to forget when things get hard and the pace becomes more hurried at work, in school and at home.  It could be a crazy deadline or a cranky boss stressing you out.  Maybe it’s busy mornings and downtown traffic. But however tough the daily grind gets, there should always be […]

Mommy Reading List: Suplado Tips by Stanley Chi

The humor book Suplado Tips, written by Stanley Chi, takes humor to a new level as it regales readers with witticisms that revolve around one conviction: suplado is the new sexy. Stanley Chi, a celebrated humorist, is the man behind that notorious idea. Suplado Tips, Chi’s fourth book, is a compilation of smart-alecky tips on how to assert […]

Biggest SALE Of The Biggest Brands

Hear ye! Hear ye! With all the summer sale around, this is yet to be the BIGGEST sale from the Biggest Brands that you will ever see. Ready your eyes and feast on what you will see and surely what you will read will make you crave for more! There’s a by-invitation-only-discount website that’s newly […]

Cozy Living Room Design Ideas

Who does not dream of a spacious, cozy family living room? If you’ve lived with a toddler on a small condo, that would be dreaming about it every single day. Fortunately in about few weeks from now, we will be transferring to a bigger condo unit (but not big enough) and I’m determined to make […]

What Was Life Before Technology Ate All Of Us

  My post is inspired by a Facebook status I read from a friend’s wall and it says: As a kid I didn’t have a computer, internet, ipod, cell phone, PS3, Nintendo DS, XBox… I had two feet, a bike, chores & a curfew. My toys were the outside world. If I didn’t eat what […]

Buying Girls Shoes Online

What are little boys made of? Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails. But little girls are different. They’re made from sugar and spice and everything nice, and therefore, they deserve nothing but the best things in life. Little girls deserves cute dolls to play with, sweet looking clothes to wear and not to mention beautiful […]

2011 Summer Activities For Kids Around Metro Manila

Hello Moms, I compiled Summer Activities for Kids all over Metro Manila and I hope you’ll find it helpful. Please feel free to email me or post in the comments area on summer activities that I’ve missed. SPORTS Bert Lozada Swim School – Please refer to the official website (click link above) for the exact […]

From Toddler to Preschooler

For a time I have been referring to Peaches as toddler when in fact she’s already a preschooler! She’s growing so fast and it’s like I want to make the time a bit slower but at the same time, I am excited to see her on her teens! I’m excited (make that too excited) to […]

Great Finds At The Heatwave Summer Bazaar By GMA Network

Last night was the opening of a 3-day summer bazaar organized by the Kapuso Network. This is a charity event in which 50% of the bazaar revenue will go to the Kapuso School Development wherein classrooms will be put up for the underprivileged Filipino students and then 100% revenue of the Celebrity Ukay ukay will be donated […]

>Mazda Makes Their Cars Cuter!

> How cute can a car be? Hear this! Mazda just launched their newest offering for Mazda2 and Mazda3. There’s this program they called, Make It Your Own Mazda (MIYO MAZDA) wherein you can choose from their 130 designs care of WeWillDoodle and have it sticky taped (they use 3M Scotchcal film) on your car kinda like the […]

>Let’s Go Ukay-Ukay With The Kapuso Stars

> The GMA  Kapuso Foundation is having a 3-day Heatwave Summer Bazaar at the World Trade Center starting on April 15-17. Plenty of budding enterprenuers will be there to sell their summer inspired items and at the same time, this will also be the house for Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez’s very own celebrity ukay-ukay. […]

>Life is Peachy with Peaches Ver 4

> This is a conversation between Troy and Peaches 🙂 Peaches calls Dad on the phone. Peaches: Dad, I want the red bag. Dad: What red bag? Peaches: The one I was playing last night. Dad sends any red bag he sees. Peaches calls again. Peaches: Daddy, this is not the bag I want. I […]

>Life is Peachy with Peaches Ver 3

> Every night Peaches and her Dad watch a cartoon clip on Youtube and everytime, Peaches gets so hyper and would throw several questions to her Dad. The Dad wouldn’t get to finish the first question 3 more comes up.Last night, Dad said to Peaches when she started to talk while the clip was on, […]

>What Will I Do With A Samsung Smart TV?

> My daughter often calls out to me while I’m hunched on my laptop working. She wants Mom to sit or lie beside her while she watches her favorite cartoon series. I sometimes could not peel myself away from work especially when it’s brimming up to my neck. It makes me feel guilty saying No […]

>Lenten Food Selection At Figaro

> It’s lent and it’s summer! Eating light is definitely what most of you want this season. Figaro is offering a whole bunch of delicious foodies and beverages that perfectly fit lent and summer. Kani sandwich is interesting. It’s very healthy and looks simple yet it’s surprisingly fulfilling. It’s an instant favorite and I will be coming […]

>Department Of Health’s Door To Door Measles-Rubella Immunization Campaign

> Yesterday, DOH team came knocking on my door offering free M-R Vaccination for Peaches. Apparently they have a campaign against German Measles and they’re going from baranggay to baranggay, knocking on each doors offering free shots for kids age 9mos to 7 years old. I am truly impressed! In my 4 years of residence […]

>McDonald’s New BF-GF Commercial 2011

> Have you seen the new boyfriend-girlfriend commercial by McDonalds? I’m not sure if it’s shown on the local channels but I’ve seen it on social network sites and blogs. I felt strongly about the new commercial and got inspired to do a post (I am not taking it against McDonalds, in fact I posted […]

>McDonald’s Philippines Kiddie Crew Workshop

> Peaches is too young for this but I’m very excited to let her join one. This cool summer workshop is for kids ages 6-12 years old.  McDonald’s Summer Kidde Crew has started on it’s first week last Monday, April 4. No worries because recruitment dates is on going until May 6, 2011. Just follow the […]

>Monday Mommy Poll

> Last Monday Mommy Poll was about your cellphone habits. Most of you wants to receive SMS but rarely texts back (me included on that list) and as I have predicted the least percentage said that they still want to text. Less than half voted for loves to do both texting and calling 🙂 Today […]

>Easter Egg Hunt At The Legend Villas (Easter Carnival Adventure)

>  For P450/child, your kid will have a blast on Easter Sunday! The Legend Villas will be having Easter Carnival Adventure on April 24, 2011 from 11am – 3pm. Easter games and activities include: Egg hunting, balloon twisting, game booths, food kiosk, book fair, obstacle bouncer with slide, plus loot bags and surprises from Legend […]