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Thoughts While Traveling

I am finally here in Lourdes, France (after s butt numbing 12hr drive) after a wonderful sojourn at Roma, Italia. it has been a great experience so far, it helped that my travel buddies are as enthusiastic and so groovy to be with. I have met kind souls and new friends, I have experienced things […]

4th Birthday Party Preparation: Step 1

I will be gone half of November so I’m doing Peaches’ birthday party preparations as early as I can. I forgot how toxic it was to prepare for a birthday bash. Last year was easy because we just opted for a pre-school birthday party celebration. Anyway here’s what I have so far: Theme- Tinkerbell Party […]

Keep Your Kids’ Feet Safe On Escalators

Parents please be mindful of your kids playing in the escalators, it might look harmless but look at this. I don’t think the rubber slippers that we are so fond of making our kids wear is to be blamed here  but it’s the fact that kids do play on escalators and like to stick their […]

Figaro’s 2012 Planner

With the new year coming, coffee shops are promoting their 2012 planners and Figaro is one of them. So how do I get a Figaro 2012 Planner? 1. Get the Figaro stampede card on your favorite Figaro branch. 2. For every P350 worth of single receipt, you are entitle to have 1 stamp on your […]

My 2012 Wishlist

I’m making my 2012 wishlist as early as today. It’s a source of motivation for me and a goal to make life better for me and my family. Although if I get any of them before the year ends, I will definitely be the happiest! Here are the material and non material things I wish to have […]

Inexpensive Surprise Birthday Party for Him

Dear husband is turning 29 on the 28th and since I won’t be around on the day itself, I planned for a surprise early birthday party for him. I am in a shoe string budget but I was still able to give him the grandest time. Here’s some tips on planning a surprise budget party […]


Press Release An Avon Lady’s Story of Empowerment   Avon’s 125 years of direct-selling expertise and portfolio of innovative, high quality yet affordable and very saleable beauty products have long empowered women with financial   independence. Davao-based Rowena Fabros-Orge is one of the millions whose lives Avon has changed for the better. Looking at Rowena, with […]

LG: Your Life Time Kitchen Essential

METRO MANILA, November 2011 – The kitchen serves at the center of your home, a focal point where families start their day and where family and friends gather. An important kitchen essential is the refrigerator, without it, our culinary options to enjoy and store food would be limited. That’s why it is very important that […]

Where to Get NBI Clearance in the Philippines

Last night I frantically search on how and where to get NBI clearance in Manila since I will be needing it for my application for a Chinese visa. I am searching if the satellite branches will serve NBI clearance application for change status and surname and the National Bureau of Investigation website didn’t help one […]

Too Long Yet Too Short

I’m talking about that moment when you need to write something but it’s too long for Twitter’s 140 characters and too short for a blog post. It just hit me! Anyway, Peaches was so adorbs today! She woke up with her usual smile (it’s rare that she wakes up with a frown) and went straight […]

Getting the Lighting Right

Designing my very own house is one of my biggest dreams-ever so when we recently acquired a small condo unit, I knew I can put that dream into a reality. We use this condo unit to entertain guests because our own home is just too small for our friends. This is also where we let […]

How Much Would It Cost to Get a Starbucks 2012 Planner?

I was contemplating on collecting stickers from Starbucks to get their 2012 planner but lo’ and behold, I found this cool infographic on how much it would cost you to get a Starbucks 2012 planner: P2,020-P2,185 for a planner? NO WAY! I don’t think I need such fancy planner (is it even fancy? or over hyped?!). […]

A Day At Bioessence Serenity Spa

My impression of Bioessence was that it’s a skin and slimming clinic, all of that changed when I was introduced to Bioessence’s Serenity spa which takes care of your body’s need for relaxation and pampering. I love the ambiance of their Serenity Spa at Connecticut St. which simply exudes calmness; reinforced by their friendly staff who are […]

Online Game for Kids: Review

Peaches had grown up with the help of the Internet. She learned her first ABC song through a video I found in the Internet and then later on traced her first letter through a sheet I downloaded from a website. She asks me to search images of her favorite cartoon characters and pleads me to […]